The Omorovicza Queen Of Hungary Evening Mist : How does if differ to the original?

omorovicza queen of hungary evening mist review

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The Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Evening Mist.

Omorovicza. I can spell it now after using the skincare for about 8 years and can *just* about pronounce it. It’s such an incredible skincare brand. It’s decadent, feel-good formulas have always impressed me and I can easily name 5 items that are absolute staples in my routine (oh ok I’ll name them then……the Queen of Hungary Mist, the Thermal Cleansing Balm, the Deep Cleansing Mask, The Magic Moisture Mist and the Illuminating Moisturiser).

They have a few new products that have launched over the last few months (Queen cleanser I need!) and the product I want to talk ALL about today is the sister-product of one of my all-time favourite Omorovicza products, the Queen of Hungary Mist…. they have introduced a Queen of Hungary EVENING mist into the line-up and I was invested before I tried it.

About Omorovicza:

The Omorovicza journey began over 2,000 years ago, when the healing properties of Hungary’s thermal waters were discovered and the first thermal baths were built.

The secret to why Hungarian thermal waters have such remarkable healing properties lies in the unique geological features of the region. Here the earth’s crust is thinner, so waters absorb beneficial minerals more effectively as they journey to the surface. The magic of the healing waters come from their unique mix of minerals and trace elements.

Budapest has more thermal water sources than any other city in the world. In 1934 it was officially named the “International Spa City”. In the 1800’s the Omorovicza family built a beautiful thermal bath, the Racz Furdo, on the site of an Ottoman bath, itself erected in the 1560’s on top of a medieval healing spring famous for its curative properties.

At the turn of the millennium, Stephen de Heinrich de Omorovicza was living in Budapest when he first met US diplomat Margaret, Chief of Staff at the US Embassy in Hungary.Stephen took Margaret to the baths his family built. The couple observed the healing powers of these waters on their skin and decided to embark on a quest to harness its curative power.

The catalyst for the creation of Omorovicza can be traced back to a meeting Stephen and Margaret had with the head of a Hungarian Laboratory of dermatology, famous for its Nobel prize-winning discovery of Vitamin C. Stephen and Margaret enlisted the skills of the lab to incorporate the properties of the healing waters into a skincare range. Together, they developed and patented the Healing Concentrate™, a unique complex that is able to deliver the therapeutic minerals to the deepest layers of the skin.

omorovicza queen of hungary evening mist review

The Omorvicza Queen of Hungary Mist (original):

The original Queen of Hungary Mist has been a staple in my skincare routine, and professional makeup artist kit for SO many years. It’s probably their ‘signature’ product :  the one we think of when we think of Omorovicza, the one we see always winning awards and it’s featured in magazines and on beauty editors wish lists and favourites all the damn time.

It is inspired by the Queen of Hungary Water : the world’s first recorded perfume specially formulated for Queen Elisabeth of Hungary in the 14th Century. It is a facial mist, infused with Apple Pectin and a nourishing blend of Rose, Sage and Orange Blossom Waters. It smells uplifting and gorgeous!

It’s really refreshing and it balances and hydrates, whilst the ‘Omorovicza Healing Concentrate’ infuses minerals deep into skin to promote a firmer, younger-looking skin. It can be used as a purifying post-cleanse toner, or as a revitalising spritz throughout the day to soften and replenish.

The Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Evening Mist:

The Queen of Hungary Evening Mist enhances the restorative quality of sleep for skin. Combining antioxidant-rich cannabidiol, melatonin and magnesium salts with calming lavender extract and The Healing Concentrate™, this pre-pillow facial mist prepares skin for a full night of optimal repair.

At night, skin is in repair mode with the barrier being more permeable, due to a reduction in sebum production, meaning that active ingredients are able to penetrate more easily. Use Queen of Hungary Evening Mist as the final, pre-pillow step of a self-care night-time routine to help promote healthier-looking skin.

It smells absolutely divine : it has that really soothing and calming feel to it once it hits the skin and the scent is perfect to help you relax and unwind and give you those all-important sleep-ready vibes. It’a also a product I don’t forget to use because I just keep it beside my bed.

Shake well before use to mix the oils and ingredients and spray it all over the face (eyes closed) after you have applied your PM skincare. This is the last layer to your PM routine!

omorovicza queen of hungary evening mist review omorovicza queen of hungary evening mist review

I really love the packaging of the Omorovicza face sprays! Frosted, heavy and luxe feeling glass bottles. They also spray REALLY well. I know it sounds like a little thing, but I think it is SO important how a face spray…..sprays. Omorovicza are the actual best I swear! It dispenses the most fine and even mist : no spurting, not patchiness, no wetness on the skin…it’s honestly a joy to use.

omorovicza queen of hungary evening mist review omorovicza queen of hungary evening mist review omorovicza queen of hungary evening mist review

What is the main difference between the Omoroviza Queen of Hungary Mist VS Queen of Hungary Evening mist?

The scent is the first thing you will notice…one is very uplifting, exhilarating and fresh, the other…..calming, soothing and gentle. The skincare ingredients and benefits within are also different and will help optimise the skin in different ways.

In short, the ‘day mist’ is uplifting, hydrating and balancing. The ‘evening mist’ is restorative, calming, reparing.

omorovicza queen of hungary evening mist review

The Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Evening Mist comes in a 50ml bottle and costs £55. The Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist costs £59 for a 100ml size.

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