NEW Too Faced Glitter Pop Eyeliners

Glitter. The way to my heart. You can be a pain to remove and messy to apply, but I will still always hold a very special place in my makeup kit just for you.

I usually stick to my good ol’ fashioned pots of loose glitter & glue but when I heard about the NEW Too Faced Glitter POP Peel-Off Eyeliner I just had to try these out. Could this be an easier way to don those sparkly makeup looks?

Too Faced have launched 8 shades of these glitter eyeliners, which can be worn solo, mixed together to customise more fancy shades or worn over a colour/eyeliner to enhance it more. They are a thick gel liner texture with a small and precise brush applicator which makes easy work of a feline flick. The formula of these are what makes them pretty unique in that they have a film that locks on the glitter and which you can apparently peel off (!) when you are glittered and partied out at the end of the night.

For me, the longevity and wear of these liners are really good, these bad boys DO NOT budge off your eyes at all, but I did struggle with the peel-off thing. I couldn’t work out a way that actually allowed me to peel these off ; I was expecting just to be able to take off in a strip without anything else but alas, no. I simply removed them with a decent, oil-based, makeup remover. I know other peeps who have used these and have no problems with the peel-off thang so perhaps it’s my alien skin.

Once, applied, they dry really quickly and can be layered up 3-4 times to get maximum impact.

If you want extra sparkle and glitter, then definitely add a touch of loose glitter before this liner has dried, as once dry, they look super pretty and vibrant but I find I get a lil’ more sparkle from my loose glitter in combination. I think these type of liners are perfect for those who don’t want to faff about with a glitter pot, a brush and glitter glue to get their glitter fix ; also really good for makeup newbies and peeps who aren’t into spending hours on their eye makeup to look like that insanely are-you-even-real-tho-insta-glamourous. I know I ain’t got time for dat.

This are minimum effort for a really vibrant and fun look, that will not budge come rain, shine or a snow blizzard (!).

I am loving both the shades ‘Glitter Ghost’ (ethereal green) and ‘I’m Half Marmaid (turquoise) and I already have my eyes on a few of the other shades to add to my collection. These are going to be perfect for the summer, festivals and if I ever will get round to booking that trip to Ibiza to see ma girl Zoe.

These are out now and if you can’t get down to a counter, then check them out on the Too Faced website. They are priced at £16 for 6ml.