My FIRST ever VLOG! London Fashion Week, Backstage & LOTS of makeup.

I just wanted to share with you my FIRST ever vlog. Which is scary in itself. I’m still getting used to being in front of the camera and getting used to this filming malarky so be warned it’s FAR from perfect and I forgot to film SO much!! I have a new-found respect for all these You Tube peeps as this takes dedication.

This was filmed over a 6-day period including London Fashion Week where I was working on some shows and I managed to get a little bit of backstage footage, mayhem, the post-show drinks, the incredible hangover, blogger mail, HERMAN, a little bit of a look into my kit and a few other bits.

Please check it out, gimme a thumbs up & SUBSCRIBE! The weekly vlog thang isn’t gonna be regular at the moment, as I’m finding it hard to fit in filming alongside the blog, social, my job and actually having a life. For REALZ.