Tropic launch Mama & Little Tropic : An Organic Mother & Babycare range.

*This post contains press samples*

I HAVE to chat about the gorgeous new Mama & Little Tropic range which has just launched earlier this month.Tropic is fast becoming on of my favourite brands, not just for the incredible skincare and makeup they do, but also their ethos, commitment to ? and I think it’s all such reasonable prices. There is A LOT of tropic in my day-to-day life and I honestly think it’s fab. You can buy direct from their easy-to-navigate website if you get overwhelmed with the 1-2-1 sales thing… no pressure!

‘Each day of parenthood brings with it a new and exciting first, and inevitably the desire to make time stand still so you can enjoy it just that little bit more. We can’t stop the clock, but with so much to take in – and never enough hours in the day – we’ve created nourishing pick-me-ups to help take the stress out of caring for your baby’s skin, and make the little moments all the more special.

Our Mama and Little Tropic ranges are there for you both every step of the way, so you can make precious memories together, give their delicate skin the most gentle, nourishing care possible, and treat yourself to well-deserved moments of serene indulgence.’

Firstly, I have to say : I LOVE the packaging, the colours, the illustrations that they have used. It’s adorable and I just think it looks so wonderful. They have characters for the baby range including Little Roary (the tiger), Little Emy (emu) and Little Joey (a kangaroo) and the products are named after these cute characters. They have launched with 4 Little Tropic products initially and a gift set (which also has the book!) and there is 3 Mama products plus a set.

I was kindly sent both sets by Tropic so I have all of the products except for the Little Joey washing milk which is launching soon.

Tropic mama & little tropic review Tropic mama & little tropic review Tropic mama & little tropic review Tropic mama & little tropic review Tropic mama & little tropic review

The entire Little Tropic and Mama range is:

• COSMOS Certified Organic
• 100% natural
• Paediatrician tested
• Dermatologist tested
• Suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin
• Packaged in post-consumer recycled plastic and also completely recyclable
• Hypoallergenic

The products have been tested rigorously by a panel of professionals – to ensure that you can rest easy knowing you’re using only the most gentle, safe skincare available for your baby. That’s why we’re able to say each of  the products are suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin.


Little Roary Baby Oil (£28)

A blend of simple organic ingredients come together in this gentle oil to soothe and soften your baby’s skin after bathing. It’s the perfect extra touch in their pre-bedtime wind-down to help them doze off with any skin-related issues thoroughly soothed, or to calm their skin down as needed throughout the day.

It’s infused with golden jojoba oil makes it a brilliant option for massage – whether you want to show your little one’s skin some extra TLC, or steal away for an indulgent moment to yourself. This can also be used as a gentle cleansing oil for you!

Little Emy Nappy Cream (£26)

This is a fast-absorbing nappy cream that soothes any areas of irritation and soreness. From cot to pram, and all potty pit stops in between, optimum nappy comfort awaits when you make Little Emy a part of your mini human’s daily-changing routine. This can be used on people of any ages too as it can help to nurture irritated skin from top to toe.

Emu apple extract all the way from Australia will protect and nourish the skin with its powerful blend of antioxidants, Vitamin C and natural waxes. All the while, tamanu oil – known as ‘green gold’ in its native French Polynesia – proves itself priceless as its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties soothe irritation and protect your little one. I am a big fan of this ingredient and use the Tropic Tamanu Balm EVERY DAY! An absolute hero product for me.

Tropic mama & little tropic review

Tropic mama & little tropic review

Baby Snood (£20)

This is a 100% bamboo hooded towel is perfect for helping your little one stay warm and dry after bath time : it’s super soft AND of course it looks super cute! Perfect for cosy cuddles, it keeps your baby snug and their skin protected as they come and of the bath and settle down for bed. Cutsey animal snoods are a baby ESSENTIAL!

Little Joey Baby Washing Milk (£24) Coming soon!

This has been designed with simple, soothing ingredients to help cleanse the day away quickly, taking trips to the bathroom from boisterous to blissful and leaving your little one’s skin soft and clean. This is the one product we are yet to try but it sounds lovely!

You can also get a super cute gift set the ‘Little Heroes Baby Collection’ (£64) which contains :

• Little Roary baby oil (100ml)
• Little Emy nappy cream (100ml)
• Baby Snood
• Little Tropic Baby Book

In this cute bundle you get a saving of £10! At the moment the book only comes in the set and not for individual sale.

Tropic mama & little tropic review Tropic mama & little tropic review Tropic mama & little tropic review Tropic mama & little tropic review


Tropic says : ‘Whether you’re a first-time parent or continuing to grow your nest, taking time for yourself should always find its way onto your list of priorities. We know that with the hustle and bustle of mum mode, moments of self-care can feel few and far between, so we wanted to design three skin saviours that you could turn to for instantly uplifting support. Suitable for sensitive skin, our soothing heroes can be worked into yours and your baby’s daily routines with ease.’

I can resonate with all of this so much : being a mum really does minimise the time you can spend pampering and treating yourself so any products that are quick, effective AND multi-use are such a big win.

Tropic mama & little tropic review

Mama Balm (£20)

This is a rich nipple balm to soothe any breastfeeding soreness or pregnancy skin sensitivity and calm irritations. It’s also incredible at conditioning cracked skin elsewhere on the body, from cuticles to knees and elbows. Completely tasteless, scent-free and hypoallergenic, you can apply it as often as desired and it’s a bit of a wonder product.

This balm has been validated by both dermatologists and paediatricians to strengthen the skin barrier and relieve eczema symptoms. Combining the multi-purpose talents of tamanu and coconut oils, with shea butter also working its usual softening magic, this is a must-have for any mama. I use this just on dry skin, hands, cuticles and lips!

Tamanu Cream (£38)

I was SO excited about this launch as I am such a huge fan-girl of the Tamanu balm which I talk about everywhere and anywhere! Luxurious, hypoallergenic and offering the most  reparative ingredients, it melts into your skin and can be massaged all over for ultra-indulgent body care that speeds up cellular repair, deeply nourishes and soothes.

Illipe butter provides a soft and pillowy support for skin in need of soothing, while vitamin E eases the effects of dryness by gently moisturising your skin. Tamanu oil – known for everything from calming dryness to improving the appearance of scars, and also providing the cream’s distinctively earthy scent which I love!

Rinse & Retreat (£10)

This is a super gentle, creamy, fragrance-free body wash that cocoons your body in a gentle retreat that leaves you feeling cleansed and refreshed. Completely scentless and pH-balanced for intimate areas of skin, it’s a must-have for any collection of pregnancy skincare, or simply whenever you need a moment of calm. If you’ve got sensitive skin, its nurturing and nourishing ingredients make it the perfect body wash for you.

Elixir Age Defying Body Oil (£24)

One of the original Tropic products, this age-defying oil is one of their HERO PRODUCTS. Packed with omega-rich ingredients that nourish and hydrate the skin, along with vitamin E to stimulate collagen, it can be slathered all over your face, neck and decolletage for a smooth and glowy sheen.

This is packed with Rosehip in abundance which is a notorious skin soother that can be used on anything from eczema flare-ups to rosacea . This means even those with sensitive skin types can enjoy it without iritation. Moringa, jojoba, plum kernel and kiwi seed oils provide extra omegas and antioxidants to leave skin plump and protected, and vitamin E keeps the skin barrier in tip top condition. The rosehip berries also give it a warm golden colour thanks to the beta-carotene, and make it feel like even more of an indulgence to apply. And don’t just keep it to the face, massage it into those often forgotten about areas like your neck and décolletage that fall victim to dry patches, crepiness or stretch marks.

You can also treat yourself or someone to all these gorgeous mama products with the Mama collection Set (below) which has all these 4 products in a gifting box. A perfect pressie or pampering treat!

Tropic mama & little tropic review

So that is the lowdown on the fabulous Mama & Little Tropic range. It’s been a long-time coming and I think they have absolutely nailed it! Everything is multi-use, easy, effective and contains incredible ingredients. I also love the cute and simple packaging and will definitely be gifting this to friends, mums to be and more!

I think my favourite products from the range has to be the Tamanu Cream, the Mama Balm and the Roary baby oil. Check out all the products and more information right here on the Tropic website and do fire me any questions below if you have any!

Tropic mama & little tropic review

What do you think of the Mama & Little Tropic range? Do you think it’s something you would treat yourself or others too? I have to say Margot is also really loving the book as well as the products too!