New in My Regime: The FOREO Luna 2 Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush.

The FOREO sonic cleansing brushes are something I have had my beady eyes on for quite literally years.  The way they look, the way they feel and all those pretty colours had me hooked before it even hit my bathroom shelf. All my trusted skincare-junkie pals continuously raved about the effects and finally my old cleansing brush packed in : so here we are.

The FOREO Luna 2 Facial Cleansing Brush uses sonic technology to give you superior and easy cleansing in your day-to-day routine. It is a system designed to reduce breakouts, clean your skin more effectively, and address signs of anti-ageing.

The powerful sonic vibrations will lightly exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and remove up to 99.5% of dirt and oil that contribute to spots and breakouts. The Luna 2 is compact, handheld and is made from plush silicone for great comfort and performance PLUS it’s non-porous, anti-bacterial and more hygienic than a synthetic sonic brush. The little ‘spikey’ bits known as touch points are super soft and gentle on the skin, and vary slightly for the 4 different styles for 4 different skin types.

A deeper cleanse also ensures that your skincare will absorb into your skin better so you should see improved results from your serums, lotions and potions.

What is the right Luna 2 for you?

I know it may be tempting to select the FOREO that you want based purely on the colour (I know I tried to convince myself I had sensitive skin to get the lilac one) but you should try and opt for the one best-suited to your skin type to give you optimum benefits. They all have slightly different brush heads and firmness.

PINK : Normal skin. This has a mix of touch point sizes with slightly firmer at the end to ensure deeper cleansing where you need.

PURPLE : Sensitive skin. The softest of the bunch, with very fine touch points all over.

BLUE : Combination skin. This has a mix of three sizes of touch points ensuring deeper cleansing in your oilier areas.

GREEN : Oily skin. This is the firmest of them all, although fear not, it’s still soft and pliable to touch. The touch points are thicker and in a rectangular shape to ensure deep pore cleansing and brightening.



I have been using my FOREO for around 2 months now and I can honestly say that sonic cleansing is so, SO good for my skin. I feel brighter, smoother, and clearer and I’m having less breakouts.

I have used sonic cleansing for a number of years and 100% got on that Clarisonic vibe when it first launched maybe 7/8 years ago here in the UK. I got on well with it, but feel like the FOREO technology and mechanism is simply more updated, hygienic and just a bit nicer to use in all honestly.


The FOREO Luna 2 can be used every single day. I like to use it in the AM, in the shower to start my day right with a nice light face wash. My favourite ones to use with the FOREO so far have been the Elemental Herbology Cool & Clear, Omorovicza Cleansing Foam, Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip and the Tata Harper Regenerating cleanser. Just wet the brush, add a dollop of your favourite cleanser onto it, like you would your hand, switch it on and get to work. It takes just 1 minute to do a full face cleanse and you are good to go. If you want to add the anti-ageing/ firming element to your daily routine, then simply turn the FOREO around so the wavey lines (I’m sure they have a fancier name) are on areas of concern and turn on the ‘anti ageing mode’ which has lower pulsations to firm and tone : this also takes just 1 minute.

Once you have finished your 1 or 2-minute routine. Wipe clean your FOREO and allow to dry until it’s next use.

If you would prefer to use this as you PM / makeup removal then I would suggest slipping it into a double-cleanse regime. Start off as normal with your oil / cream / balm with your hands, then add the FOREO into the second-step, with the lighter cleanser. It just stops all the oil / balm and makeup getting too messy on your beloved FOREO Luna 2.

The Luna 2 is fully waterproof so you can use it in the shower or bath if you wish. One full charge will give you 450 usages. This is great so you know you never need to bother taking any chargers or wires with you when you are going on holiday. They also do cute little travel bags to keep your FOREO clean and protected when you travel.

They aren’t cheap with the Luna 2 coming in at £169. But if you want to dip your toe in the sonic cleansing water without the splurge then they do the mini FOREO Luna Play which is a weeny size, that will last you one month of usage to see if it works for you and you want to commit to a bigger size. It’s not rechargeable; you simply throw it away after you have tried it out. SUCH A GREAT IDEA and it only costs £29.

Have you tried any sonic cleansing brushes before and have you been tempted by any of the FOREO devices? Let me know your thoughts.