Diptyque Christmas Candles (and more!) 2022.

diptyque Christmas candles 2022Shimmering constellations and dancing letters create the enchanting scene of Diptyque sky map. This year, the stars and the night sky inspire the Maison’s limited-edition scented creations, perfect to celebrate the holiday season.’

We know Christmas has landed when Diptyque launch their infamous and incredible Christmas scent range. I treat myself to one of the diptyque Christmas candles EVERY year and I honestly think this year’s packaging is one of the prettiest yet!

The Diptyque Christmas range 2022 is composed of 3 candle scents, room sprays, Christmas gifting sets and beautiful candle accessories includinf their infamous candle carousel. This sells out SO fast every year!

Diptyque Christmas Candles 2022. The 3 scents. 

The 3 Diptyque Christmas candle scents from Diptyque this year include SAPIN , NEIGE and ÉTINCELLES. 

SAPIN / pine. The Sapin / Pine Tree candle expresses notes of mountain pines on a cold winter night. A woody accord emblematic of the holidays, it is warmed by unexpected accents of mimosa, a winter flower with tones as sweet and honeyed as stardust. 

diptyque Christmas candles 2022 satin

NEIGE / snow. The Neige / Snow candle diffuses a soft harmony of heliotrope and white musks in a cosmic shimmer. I love the sound of this!

diptyque Christmas candles 2022 beige

ÉTINCELLES / Spark. It envelops the end of the year in a comforting scent that blends the smell of a wood fire with delicious notes of coffee and chocolate. I usually go for the more woodier scent for my Diptyque Christmas candle – am very tempted by this one of the Neige this year – which do you think!?

diptyque Christmas candles 2022

The packaging is truly festive and so pretty with adorned with the white, gold and silver stars on Diptyque’s map of stars, to enhance the vivid color of the wax. Letters flecked with gold on the signature Diptyque emblematic oval make it a little bit more special than the normal candles. If you turn out the lights the starry, phosphorescent design glows in the night for all the magical feels! All candles come with a gold protective lid to protect the wax. Of course this are the ultimate re-useable candle jars!


Diptyque Neige / Snow : a harmony of heliotrope and white musks. Deep blue wax.

Diptyque ÉTINCELLES / Spark : the scent of a wood fire with delicious notes of coffee and chocolate. Red wax.

Diptyque SAPIN / pine :notes of mountain pines on a cold winter night. Green wax.

diptyque Christmas candles 2022

The 190g candles have a 60 hour burning time, priced at £65. I have noticed that the candles do go up EVERY year and I do feel like they are rather expensive at £65?! Yes they are pretty and limited edition but my god, these will be £70 soon and I remember the good ol’ days when a Diptyque Christmas Candle was £40. It’s a lot of money. Will I be buying on this year? I really do want one as it’s a bit of a tradition for me to buy a Diptyque Christmas candle but can I justify £65 this year? I’m just not sure. 

diptyque Christmas candles 2022

Diptyque Christmas gifting 2022.

Aside from the incredible Diptyque limited edition candles 2022, there are SO many gorgeous things you can gift this Christmas from Diptyque. I think my favourite thing to receive at Christmas time is anything that comes in a Diptyque box : I’ll take ANYTHING!

Of course we all love a Diptyque candle ALL YEAR round, so don’t overlook the ‘normal’ candles and scents as these are always so beautiful and they do SO many scents and sizes too. Particularly good if you are on a tighter budget and the £65 Diptyque Christmas Candles price-tag are a little too much. The normal candles cost £54 and the smaller sizes cost £33. Personal wintery scents for me are the Feu de Bois (burning log fire), Ambre, Oud and Benjoin.

There is some gorgeous gifting sets too as always, they have a set of the 3 holiday scented candles (70g sizes) so you can enjoy every scent : I love this set! 

For a more decadent gift from Diptyque Christmas 2022 then they still have the gorgeous Diptyque Advent still in stock (just) which are £370 for the ultimate gifting experience. This contains bits from the entire range ; full sizes, travel sizes and is a Diptyque lover’s dream!

There is a limited edition Diptyque Eau Rose parfum which is adorned with the pretty stars like the candles. (£140 / 75ml)

diptyque Christmas candles 2022

The limited edition BAIES (berries) is one of the most stunning larger 1.5kg sizes I have seen EVER. These come in a huge ceramic pot with 3 wicks and are truly a show-stopper for larger rooms in the house. It is usually in a plain black pot but this Christmas 2022 version comes with pretty gold fleck details over the pot. Pure cosy Christmas vibes. 

diptyque Christmas candles 2022

So I hope you found this post on all things Diptyque Christmas candles 2022 handy. I know I want to know the lowdown and scents every year! Diptyque really know how to do Christmas gifting well and this year is no different. 


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