The BEST haircare I’ve ever tried for damaged hair : Christophe Robin Regenerating Shampoo and Mask with Prickly Pear Seed Oil

christophe robin regenerating hair mask with prickly pear seed oil review*some of these products are press samples. This post contains affilate links*

Christophe Robin haircare is a luxury haircare range that was created in 1999 by the man himself. Christophe Robin is a celebrity hair colourist who built the haircare range around coloured hair using properties of rare natural resources such as prickly pear oil to offer deep nourishing treatments, whilst also protecting the hair’s colour. His career was born in the ‘Supermodel era’ and he was responsible for a huge majority the iconic hair colour changes that we used to see in the glossy magazines.

I started dipping my toe into the range maybe around 2016 and my first ever product I purchased was the Regenerating Mask which I featured here in my 2016 favourites. As it’s quite (very) expensive for a hair mask it’s one that I would purchase once in a while maybe on black Friday as a mega treat for when my hair really needed a boost. I’ve purchased it twice now and was super thrilled to be sent a few bits from the range more recently.

I got caught in the lockdown at-home hair bleaching and colouring vibe and my hair is kind of over it now. It needs a bit of calm and TLC and these products are the perfect antidote to too much colour, damage sun and fun.

christophe robin regenerating hair mask with prickly pear seed oil review christophe robin regenerating shampoo with prickly pear seed oil

christophe robin regenerating hair mask with prickly pear seed oil review

The Regenerating shampoo is a deeply nourishing and regenerating shampoo treatment. It is infused with prickly pear seed oil which gives antioxidant protection. It has a beautiful creamy texture to it that cleanses your hair deeply but gently and leaves it honestly feeling it’s best. I have fine and quite flyaway hair so if a shampoo is too loaded with oil and too rich, it’ll leave me really greasy at the roots and flat but this leaves my hair in a really lovely and fresh condition.

The shampoo is paraben, silicone, SLES and colourant free.

The Regenerating mask is my absolute hero product and honestly one that I have loved for years. It’s just a mega nourishing and repairing mask that is actually the best one I think I’ve ever used. It has this really addictive, musky scent to it which I am obsessed with. It just ticks every box and for me, this is the perfect hair mask for really damaged and coloured hair. The texture is luxurious, thick and buttery and again, it washes out without the weight or leaving my hair feeling flat and heavy.

This mask is suitable for all hair types. 

christophe robin regenerating hair mask with prickly pear seed oil review christophe robin regenerating hair mask with prickly pear seed oil review

Another one of my haircare must-haves from Christophe Robin which I’ve mentioned on my instagram stories quite a few times is the Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt (purchased by me, my second tub!).

This is a great add-on to have in any haircare regime that you can reach for once a week, once a fortnight to give you a really good and deep cleanse and scalp treatment. I use this as well when my hair feels super dirty and has a big build-up of products. It leaves my hair feeling insanely fresh and soft after-use.

It’s thick-paste texture that contains salt that you can see and feel when you are using it. The paste will lather up really quickly and creamily when you massage it in the hair and scalp and is a great cleansing shampoo. I follow straight with my conditioner or mask after use.

This is also targeted for people with sensitive, flaky or itchy scalps as a soothing treatment. The salt will lightly exfoliate and stimulate the scalp getting rid of any residue and build-up that can cause the itchiness and irritation. It contains sweet almond oil too which will give the scalp optimum hydration.

christophe robin cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt christophe robin scrub with sea salt

Like I have said, the range is high end, more on the luxury side and definitely a brand I treat myself too when I can afford and when my hair is REALLY in need of some TLC. I also have a Look Fantastic 20% off code that is running at the moment and it works against the Christophe Robin range which I’m so thrilled about…Yes I’ll be absolutely topping up on my favourites too!

The code is LAURA_LF for 20% off : SHOP HERE.

Have you tried any of the amazing Christophe Robin haircare yet?