Morning Eye Must-Have : This Works Light Time Open Eyes

The Light Time Open Eyes is an eye cream/treatment that is relatively new from skincare range This Works. It’s a product that is specifically designed to target around-the-eye issues upon waking ; fatigue, soreness, puffiness, sleep lines,  dark circles and that awful stinging feeling of not being able to open them properly. I like this concept of being a targeted treatment as personally, it’s something I suffer from, particularly in the winter when it’s dark outside and it’s major struggs to get up. If you get very tired, puffy and sore eyes when you wake in the morning, then you really should read on.

Key ingredients in this eye cream include skin-smoothing hyaluronic spheres to plump out sleep lines, vitamin C to brighten and energise, persian silk tree extract to reduce signs of tiredness and revitalise the skin. This combination of natural ingredients will result in more awake, energised and soothed-looking and feeling eye area that fake that I’ve-just-had-a-sleeping-beauty-style-sleep. To aid in circulation and application, this eye cream has a special metal applicator tip to cool, stimulate and give you that metal-spoon effect. I have been using this for around 2 weeks now and although I didn’t get that overnight miracle, it certainly is one of the most cooling and soothing eye creams I have used and really works to enliven your skin in the AM. Over time I have seen an improvement in the hydration and appearance of my eyes although I do have a pretty good eye area so perhaps people with dark circles etc may see a clearer improvement.

I personally don’t use rich eye creams as I get quite sore and often get milia when I regular use, but this is a really lovely lightweight gel texture that absorbs in seamlessly and also sits really well under concealer ; no rolling or flaking. Not only is this great for the underneath bags but this is perfect to apply on the lids/browbone to give you that open eye/lift.


If you are a bad morning person, have lots of early starts, late nights and lack of sleep and a penchant for going out and burning the candle at both end then this needs to get into your beauty cabinet pronto. Available from This Works website and selected retailers priced at £25.