Sunday Thoughts | Social Media ; How much of ‘you’ do you give away?

We are all living in a social media frenzy right now ; whether you blog, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, tweet, periscope…..the list goes on…we are either living it, breathing it, watching it or a combination of it all.

I have found it taking over a good portion of my life as I try to establish my blog and get some kind of online presence for myself and my makeup work. I absolutely embrace it and really enjoy participating in this ‘online life’, but I am constantly questioning and wondering about how much of *ME* I should be exposing online. No, I don’t mean in the way of leaked nudes….as in what portion of my life, my daily thoughts, job etc should stay private and what can and should be put out there for all to see and read about.

I think it is really easy to get carried away, have a rant about something impulsively and on the spur of the moment…and then momentarily forget out how accessible you can be as a person when you put yourself and information online…people really can find out a lot about you…not just readers or followers but potential employers, employees, colleagues, frenemies, ex’s and so forth. Basically people you think aren’t watching but really are.

It only hits me when people I don’t know very well or haven’t seen for ages ask me about such and such I have done or what I was talking about on twitter that it hits home that every time you press that submit, tweet, post button, you need to remember that that information may be visible forever…..and have consequences. I am reasonably private, believe it or not, when it comes to certain things….I have never announced on my Facebook or to my *real-life friends* or family that I have a blog etc so I would say a good 80% of them have no idea…for some reason I like to keep it that way and I have no idea why or explanation although I know many bloggers feel the same….some even like to remain completely anonymous from their readers also.

I like to share a fair portion of my life, personality and thoughts over social media, but it’s not often I will share things about my husband, my relationships etc and that’s probably ‘my thing’ and what I like to keep as mine. I think I am honest about who I am as a person but I do like not giving it ALL away ; and sometimes I need to keep thinking about what is too much.

How do you feel about this? Do you keep certain aspects of your life away from your work and your blog or are you are share and bare all? How do you feel about totally anonymous bloggers or are you one?