PIXI at-home GLOW facial : Radiance in 15 minutes.

PIXI really are the kweens of getting that glow on the skin. After the launch and success of her infamous glow tonic, there has been numerous glow-y skincare launched from them off the back of this and they do a wealth of amazing skincare treats.

I’ve devised a little easy at-home facial, using some of my favourite PIXI go-to’s, and some different options depending on your skin type and/or concern. I have tried and tested this on numerous occasions and it’s THE FORMULA to get your skin looking and feeling incredibly smooth, bright and glowing with not too much input. If you’ve been neglecting your skin (like I have the last 6 months) and you want to appear like you haven’t : this lil’ speedy glow facial is one for you.

Some products which have been firm favourites of mine for years now including the original Glow Tonic, the Rose Oil Blend, the Peel & Polish and the Glow Mud Cleanser. They have recently launched a whole range of masks AND they’ve extended their glow range yet again which I will be sharing with you soon!

When it comes to skin types, PIXI cater for all. It’s a no nonsense and easy to navigate skincare range : not too fussy or complicated. It’s not your particularly science-driven, high-tech formulations, so if you use La Mer and Natura Bisse, then PIXI will be a step down for you as a whole regime, but there are bits and treatments that will literally fit into any discerning skincare junkie’s shelfie, AKA the glow tonic.

I particularly like their rose range for when my skin is feeling a little sorry for itself, dehydrated and MEH. It’s a very nourishing and calming range and is also great to counteract the effects of acids in their GLOW range if you are using that. For my at-home-facial, I mix in and swap products depending on how my skin is that week, but more often than not I go for the glow-on-glow so it’s the top route for me (see below). Layering the products and using in combination works really effectively, but be mindful of what your skin is used to in terms of acids and actives and don’t leave anything on for too long and keep an eye on how your skin is looking and feeling. I’m a leather-faced old hag so I can get away with leaving anything on for the maximum time.


1.) Cleanse your skin with cleanser of choice, remove all makeup and SPF and use a warm cleansing cloth to really get rid of all the grime.

2.) Exfoliate with the Peel & Polish which is a dual action exfoliator. It has small sugar granules in it to slough of top layers of dead skin cells and it also contains a burst of fruit acids and lactic acid to work as your deeper level exfoliator. I only massage this onto my skin and leave for 2 minutes before getting my cloth again to remove. (keep rinsing the cloth out in between stage – I used it for most of the facial)

3.) Apply your mask of choice. Leave room beneath the eye to apply the DetoxifEye Eye Patches. These are an absolute dream and I have been loving using them over the last month or so when I have tired and puffy eyes.  Remove your mask with your warm cleansing cloth.

4.) Apply your tonic.

5.) Re-hydrate your skin and slather on a dose of the Rose Oil Blend, lock that moisture in with a choice of moisturiser over the top. If your skin is oily then something like the Rose Caviar Essence works well over the oil, or the Rose Flash Balm if your skin is more normal-dry. The oil will calm and soothe the skin after all those masks and exfoliation.

Your skin will now feel baby-smooth and lovely. Perfect for a pre-party, occasion or simply if you have a spare 30 minutes on a Sunday to give yourself a much-needed pamper.

Do you have a secret at-home facial routine? What products do you use when you want your skin to look it’s best? Let me know in the comments.

*Contains Press Samples