Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream.

If you are anywhere near my twitter or blog in the last few weeks you will know that I was working as part of *Team Tilbury* alongside Charlotte Tilbury at the ‘Rock n Kohl’ event in Selfridges.

It was such a great week, one of the highlights was watching Cara Delevingne do an impromptu drum set which was unreal – YES, that girl even plays the drums!

Girl-fanning over Cara over. Charlotte is launching her own brand into Selfridges this September, and although it remains very tight-lipped about what the range will have/ packaging etc, I CAN tell you the makeup is going to be unreal. If you like Tom Ford, you will LOVE this.

The magic stuff.

Amongst the products that will be sold will be Charlotte’s infamous ‘Magic cream’. This is a secret formula, that she has used for years backstage, and is something she always preps her clients’ skin with before makeup application. It was a formula that Charlotte hand mixed herself, and now, a top lab in Switzerland has manufactured her magic cream so everyone will be able to have a piece of this backstage wonder.  

‘It’s a recipe that has been passed down from my grandmother and one that I have been perfecting & using backstage for years.  It’s already a backstage icon, known as Charlotte’s Magic Cream.’

So many makeup artists and bloggers have been asking me about this cream, it’s so funny…like an unsolved mystery in the beauty industry. Texts will often appear like ‘Wow, working with Charlotte must be so great…..what IS that cream she uses?!’.

The cream has a lovely rich formula, but does not feel too thick or greasy, it just leaves a perfect sheen on the skin. This isn’t a primer as such, it is skincare,but it is the only thing Charlotte uses to prep the skin underneath foundation. It gives any base you put over the top of it a gorgeous ethereal glow, and that’s what we all want ,right?!

‘The magic dew of youth & luminosity in a jar’

What is in it?

* Bio-nymph Peptide Complex This is a unique, patented anti-age ingredient that fights all signs of ageing.  It increases collagen & fibre levels, prevents fibre break-down, fights free radicals and stimulates cell energy.

* Sodium Hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) Hyaluronic Acid is a great ingredient that exists naturally in the skin and retains water in the Dermis layer, between the Collagen structure. Due to the amount of water it holds in the skin, hyaluronic acid is an instant skin plumper.

* A mix of Rose Hip Oil, Camellia Oil & Vitamin E gives an antioxidant boost, nourishment, hydration and radiance. These oils impart an amazing sheen on the skin.

* Damask Rose Water stimulates skin regeneration (and a natural fragrance)

* Frangipani soothes and purifies the skin (and a natural fragrance)

* SPF15 and anti-UVA filter for protection & anti-ageing

TOP TIP: A great little way of using this too, is as a makeup remover, well more of a ‘tweaker’. If you are doing makeup and get a little bit of eyeshadow/ eyeliner/ mascara smudging or droppage, then simply dip a q-tip (Charlotte favours the pointed ones….another thing I learnt) into the pot of cream and wipe away any mistakes. Go over the top with some concealer and you are good to go.

Charlotte’s magic cream will be on sale, along with her makeup line,  exclusively at Selfridges, London this September. Click here to check out the magic cream!

My next post, coming soon, is going to be having a little look at Charlotte’s handpicked makeup edit: her favourite brushes, bases, blushers and eyeliners…. the products that we use backstage when working with her and her go-to brands. This will be an indispensable read for makeup artists.