Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror Review.

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Since I purchased my Riki Skinny Mirror in the black Friday sales in November and showed it off on my insta-stories I’ve had a lot of people ask more info about it, my thoughts on it and the one big question……Is it worth the £170 pricetag?!

GLAMCOR is the professional lighting brand behind the Riki mirrors and they have been the go-to for studio lighting for many, MANY years. I remember makeup artists always talking about the Glamcor lights 10 years plus ago. They have an amazing reputation in the industry and ‘Riki’ is a little sub-division from this brand, targeted towards at-home use, travel and on a smaller scale (and price point!).

The Riki Skinny Mirror is the most popular from Riki, although they do a larger one and a few smaller ones too. It’s essentially a vanity mirror…….with the best LED lights you have possibly ever seen…and a few extras to boot.


glamcor riki skinny mirror riki skinny mirror

What does the RIKI Skinny Mirror come with – Mirror & Accessories!

The mirror itself is like a handheld tablet (think a big ipad!), and it comes with a stand, a USB charger, a magnetic phone holder, a magnetic 3x magnifying mirror and a very-easy-to-use instruction manual to get you up and going in no time.

What the RIKI Skinny Mirror does / is good for?!

So aside from the obvious which is a vanity mirror, it’s a little bit more extra. The LED lights that surround the mirror have 5 different settings of brightness and they go SUPER bright. If you are in a pitch-black room, it would light up the room like a light! They worked on years to perfect the lighting to give you the best lighting for doing makeup, taking selfies, and it supposedly mimics daylight.

It has invisible magnets placed within the mirror so the two accessories (phone holder / magnifying mirror) simply stick onto the mirror for when you want to use them. They can’t be used together, it’s one or the other.

You can connect your phone via bluetooth to the mirror and take selfies. I haven’t really used it for this yet but may do in the future. You can literally hold the whole mirror up at the angle you want, turn the lights on to the level that is the most flattering for you and get self indulgent to your heart’s content!

riki skinny mirror review glamcor riki skinny mirror review riki skinny mirror review riki skinny mirror review

Is the RIKI Skinny Mirror worth it?

I purchased it for all the knobs and whistles. I like the fact it’s the best vanity mirror that money can probably buy, I can do my makeup when it’s completely dark outside and see perfectly…I can tweezer my brows in the magnifying mirror and see to the pesky blackheads BUT I primarily wanted it for the fact you can film with it on your phone. I wanted to start doing more little makeup tutorials for insta and IGTV and it makes both of those VERY easy. You can just slap your phone on (it is adjustable so pretty much any phone will fit in it), flip it to either landscape or portrait, flip the light on and get filming!

The lights are SO bright, I cannot stress this enough. I rarely use it past a 1 and it has 5 settings. It’s not really cool or warm to me, it just is kind of a really nice true-tone that emulates natural daylight. It’s easy to use, to set up and it does what it says on the tin.



Only one really for me and it’s the fact that because of the height and the stand that you sit it on, it’s always a mirror that you are looking down into, as opposed to straight at it. You can sit the mirror up pretty much vertical on the stand and it goes down to probably nearly 45 degrees but I only ever use it nearly vertical. I think this may be personal preference. For filming, because of the height and way it sits, I need to put it up onto boxes to get a better angle as opposed to looking downwards and the triple-chin threat.

Do you need the RIKI Skinny mirror?

It honestly depends on your budget and needs. It’s expensive. It’s REALLY expensive. I don’t think I would have ever of purchased solely for the vanity mirror aspect but what appealed to me was the filming and other bits.

Perhaps really useful for those, like me, who want it to tick a few boxes : maybe want to start filming tutorials, are a selfie kween, a makeup artist, do a lot of Instagram or Facebook lives or simply want the best vanity mirror there is going… *could* be for you!

Also, I love the fact (and you may too!) that sometimes if you are filming for something you “need” a ring light, camera, tripod and all the other jazz…the mirror just makes it so much quicker to set up and if your phone has a decent camera on it, you can replace your whole filming set-up with this. I have also used the mirror on dark evenings to light up product shots for my blog.

I filmed my first You Tube vid for *ages* to do a review on the mirror, so do take a look if you want to get to know it a bit more, see the size of it, the box it comes in, how it looks, the accessories, the lights in action etc etc then do please check out my video below!

Have you heard about the Riki Skinny mirror before and it something you would ever need? Let me know what you think.

You can get it from Cult Beauty for £175 (with travel bag) or from Feel Unique for £170 (no travel bag).

Update Black Friday 2021 : It’s currently on SALE over on Cult Beauty for 25% off – taking it down from £175 to £131.25 – a £43.75 saving! This is the time to take the leap, it’s never more than 25% off!  SHOP HERE.

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