10 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait For Autumn 2022!

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…or basic bitch pumpkin spice latte season as I like to call it. I’m here for it, I love it and I want all the autumnal things! Bring on the dark mornings, gloomy afternoons, puddle splashing and chunky knit EVERYTHING.

Here are all the reasons why I love autumn and can’t wait for it to officially be here!

1.) I can make ALL the Autumnal wreaths. 

I started making wreaths in lockdown (amongst a plethora of other things!) and I love making them and I find they look better autumn-winter when you can make the most of those richer, stunning colours. I always make a Christmas wreath or two but in recent have been also gathering up autumnal walk finds to create some really fun and pretty seasonal wreaths. If you CBA to make a homemade wreath from scratch then Bloom & Wild have just launched a super cool D.I.Y Autumn Wreath set which I bought myself last week.

You can also get £10 off this and ANYTHING off the Bloom & Wild website with my £10 off referral link > CLICK HERE FOR £10 OFF BLOOM & WILD!

autumnal wreath DIY wreath autumn pretty door wreaths

2.) Speciality Coffees galore!

Ok I have to admit, contrary to popular belief, I’m not a basic-bitch-pumpkin-spice-latte fan BUT there are so many more incredible seasonal coffee flavours to behold! Costa do a banging gingerbread latte (with mini gingerbread man on top) and Nespresso do some really good limited edition flavours if you have a machine at home.

3.) Black Friday. (I’m sorry)

I do get excited for the bargains and deals and probably more so than ever. I had a chat to a brand today and the BF word was mentioned and I was like ‘oooooooooo’ YES. I love a black Friday deal and I already have a few things on my list that I cannot justify paying full price for, but if it goes to 20% off then I’m all in!

4.) I’m planning ALL my Halloween content and makeup looks.

I’ve been doing this for a few weeks tbh but it’s my favourite time of year for creative makeup and I love love LOVE sitting in my makeup room, getting all my SFX makeup out, pigments and glitters and creating some really fun makeup looks for everyone! This year I’ll be doing some very *out there* and intricate looks alongside some REALLY easy and accessible ones that I hope everyone can do. Follow me over on Instagram @LauraLouMakeup to see what I’m up to!

5.) I can dust off my oh-so-special floral Dr Marten Boots!

These are my favourite boots I think I’ve EVER owned and I love them so much! I remember getting my first pair of DM boots when I was @ school (I was about 11) and I thought I was THE SH**! I’ve worn my way through a few pairs since and my school friend (who remembers my obsession!) kindly bought me this pair as a birthday present. They are SO beaut and actually……really comfortable. I have worn them a few times over the summer but they really are an autumn through to spring boot for me. These ones are sold out now but they do a few cute AF floral ones which you can shop below.

floral dr marten platform boots floral dr marten platform boots floral dr marten platform boots

6.) It’s scary movie season / good series launch season!

I am a scary movie addict….I think I’ve seen ’em all tbh so when October rolls around we all KNOW that there will be some new horrors coming our way! Can’t wait. It’s also a really good time for some decent series to come on a Sunday evening on BBC / ITV so fingers crossed we get some good watching fodder this year.

7.) Batch cooking / slow cooking

Is it me or is it harder to conjure up things to cook in the warmer months that you can batch and make thrifty? I find batch cooking in the colder months so much easier….and SO much cheaper. Slow-cooked anything and everything seems to work a treat and it’s so easy to throw something in in the morning and have something reasonable delicious by the evening. I love hearty stews, soups and curries in my slow-cooker and the cheaper cuts of meat taste so much better slow-cooked to make them super tender and tasty!

I have this slow-cooker which has seen me though about 8 years so far (it was my mum’s!) and it’s SO very good. A winter warmer must-have.

8.) Knitwear and cardigans

I am a huge knitwear gal and I own way too many cute cardigans and jumpers. I love a chunky knit and I can’t wait to start slinging them on over every outfit all day and everyday. I always get asked about this rainbow chunky knit cardigan (below) and it’s from Anthropologie: they do tend to bring it back seasonally and with new colour ways so do keep your eyes peeled on the website to see what they bring out this year, I’m definitely tempted by another!

rainbow knit cardigan Anthropologie

9.) I will be burning all my favourite candles 

Ok candles aren’t just for autumn-winter but ALL my favourite candles are autumn-winter-esque kind of scents. Deep, dark, heavy, woody, warm, crackling fires, churches, oud-ey and strong! Gimme all the Feu de Bois. Love it. Some of the BEST scents of candles IMO include:

Diptyque Feu De Bois

Diptyque Amber

Malin + Goetz Cannabis

Byredo Burning Rose

Byredo Biblotheque

Boujee Bougies Cuir Culture

10.) Steamy, bubbly baths.

Summer baths are still a thing ok, at least I *try* and make them a thing….but let’s be honest, baths are SO much better when it’s dark outside (raining against the window for bonus points), a little cold and you can slip into a lovely, bubbly, aromatic bath tub to soothe your soul and senses. I try and have a least 2 baths a week to have a bit of ‘me time’, time out from the chaos and to give myself a decent head-to-toe pamper and try out some new beauty. Wins all round. 

Some of my favourite bath soaks include the decadent Aromatherapy Associates Bath Oils, Neals Yard Remedies Bath Salts and WestLab are incredible bath salts if you are on a tighter budget!

cosy bath vibes

11.) Ok an extra one…..WELLIES!

I have been keeping my muddy old Welles in a shopping bag in the boot of my car since last winter. I keep looking and wondering when I will be able to dust them off once again and the time is now! I do love my wellies and honestly I wear them kind of everywhere….sorry I’m that scruff you see @ supermarkets in their wellies and walking socks. They are comfy, they keep my feet dry and I kinda like the way they look. I have the Le Chameua short style which are pretty expensive (£120) but super hardy and last literally decades. As they are a shorter style they are also slightly more casual too hence why I wear them anywhere and anywhere! I do have Hunter Wellies too if I want a longer pair for super muddy, boggy woodland walks.

autumn scenes coffee shots autumn leaf autumn flowers


Are you an autumn lover? What do you love most about the colder months and seasons?