The Mulberry Antony Bag Review : My most-used handbag ever!

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Today I’m talking about my most-used handbag I’ve EVER purchased. 13 years on after purchasing it I am still wearing this pretty much daily. I love it. It’s fabulous. It’s worn beautifully and I’m 100% going to treat myself to another colour this Christmas…..I think it’s time! The Mulberry Antony bag my friends…..we all need one!

I have quite the collection of Mulberry handbags, and I have been adding to my collection for around 20 years now. I liked them before they were cool! < lol and cringe. It was actually my mum who got me into Mulberry handbags…she loved and had a few Mulberry handbags that she passed down to me…I have the most incredible vintage bag I had restored recently that I’ll definitely have to talk about soon. It’s a brand I’ve loved, invested in over many years and I have found their quality and designs to just really appeal to me.

Mulberry Antony Bag:

The Antony bag is actually a ‘man’s bag’. When I purchased it, it was definitely in the man’s section in the Mulberry shop and it came in maybe 3 colour ways – all quite muted and and neutral. I opted for the oak brown which for me, is the signature Mulberry shade. They now market it as a unisex bag, I think because, like me, lots of women love these more understated and simple Mulberry designs.

This is the exact one I have, although as my photos show, it’s worn and been used A LOT over the years!

Storytime. How I ended up choosing this bag. My mum came to visit me when I lived in London, 13/14 years ago. I lived in Shepherd’s Bush and Westfield had only *just* opened so we went for a shopping trip and stumbled into Mulberry. As an early Birthday present she treated me to a handbag and insisted I got one which was cross-body so it was safe, not easily snatch-able (let’s not talk about the bag I had robbed off me the year before on Oxford street ok?!) and was a ‘sensible’ bag.

*I apologise my cat, Hilda wanted to be in my Mulberry handbag photoshoot*

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Mulberry Antony Bag Sizes + Prices:

The Mulberry Small Antony bag (£495) is a great size for me. It’s my everyday bag for errands, car runs, shopping trips, supermarkets and everything else-in-between. It fits all your essentials : wallets, keys, lip balm, a few other bits and bobs and you are good to go. I also love the fact it’s a cross-body bag so hands free for *doing things*….you can sling it over one-shoulder but it’s not really designed to be worn that way. For some people this may be too small depending on what you like to carry….but they do a few sizes now of the Mulberry Antony bag so you can definitely find one to suit your style and needs.

The Mulberry Antony actually comes in 4 sizes and I do feel like the mini is perhaps too small even for my minimal daily handbag needs : this will kinds fit an iphone and a card holder kinda vibe. My one of the next smallest and then there is also the classic Mulberry Antony and the Mulberry Antony Messenger which is the largest of the four.

The Antony Messenger Height 30.8cm Width 28.5cm Depth 8cm PRICE £695

  • Mulberry’s iconic Postman’s Lock
  • One main compartment with foil embossed Mulberry signature on the inside
  • Adjustable webbing shoulder strap
  • One slip pocket under the suede lined flap

The Antony Height 23.8cm Width 22cm Depth 7cm Shoulder Strap drop 68cm PRICE £650

  • Mulberry’s iconic Postman’s Lock
  • One main compartment with foil embossed Mulberry signature on the inside
  • Adjustable webbing shoulder strap
  • One slip pocket under the suede lined flap

The Small Antony Height 20.2cm Width 18cm Depth 6.5cm PRICE £495

  • Iconic Postman’s Lock
  • One main compartment with foil embossed Mulberry signature on the inside
  • Adjustable webbing shoulder strap
  • One slip pocket under the suede lined flap

The Mini Antony Height 19.5cm Width 11cm Depth 5cm PRICE £350

A lightweight, urban update of our best-selling silhouette, the Mini Antony Pouch carries the essentials such as a phone and credit cards.

  • Mini version of the best-selling silhouette
  • One main compartment
  • 2 credit card slips under the flap
  • Extra credit card slip at the back of the bag
  • Adjustable leather strap
  • Postman’s lock signature finish
  • Silver component finish

Mulberry Antony Bag Review : Why I Love it!

The Mulberry Antony also kinda goes with everything! The Oak brown colour I have is a pretty classic and easy shade to work with and I sling it on over the top of anything and everything. I have a reasonable muted clothes palette so it just seems to work for me. It is a ‘less fancy’ Mulberry bag : there aren’t many knobs and whistles and it’s certainly understated: more country walks and trips to the farmshop than a night out in the west end!

It’s worn really well over the 14 years I have had it….I wear it constantly and there still isn’t a stitch out of place. I don’t look after it *that well* I’m sorry to say…the dust bag has NEVER been used and it’s slung around and left on the floor etc. It’s WORN, I love it like this and it’s well-used. The oak brown leather on a Mulberry handbag does wear really well and goes darker with age and wear FYI. If I life up the flap you can see the change in leather colour (as in the picture below!).

It’s reasonably good value for a Mulberry handbag. I actually purchased it for around £300 but this was so long ago! It now costs £495 but this is of course what happens with any designer items over the years and Mulberry kinda started booming after I bought this bag (I’m taking zero credit, don’t worry) but it got seemingly very popular and the prices went up. I would still 100% re-purchase this bag for the £495 price by the way. In fact, after a hard-working 2021 I may even treat myself to a new colour this Christmas to see me through the next decade or so.. I had no idea they do so many shades now!

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Mulberry Antony Bag Sale + Discount:

Well, We’ve just had Black Friday and Cyber weekend and no Mulberry discount in sight I’m afraid (believe me, I looked!). The only time you can really get any Mulberry for a discounted price is when you go to an outlet such as the Bicester village Mulberry store or their outlet at their factory here in Somerset. You can expect to see savings from around 20-40% at these outlets on Mulberry handbags.

You can shop all styles of the Mulberry Antony bag below in all sizes and colours. The Mulberry Mini Antony is £325, The small Mulberry Antony bag is £495, The Mulberry Antony bag is £650 , The Mulberry Antony Messenger bag is £695. 

mulberry antony bag oak brown

mulberry antony bag review

mulberry antony bag

I think I’m going to treat myself to the same one as I have now, The Small Antony but in a more fun shade! They only used to do black and oak brown and now they do around 9 gorgeous tones including a lavender pink, bright ochre and blue. It may be a hard decision. 

I hope this chat and review all about the Mulberry Antony Bag was useful and answered any questions or queries you may have had : Do let me know what Mulberry bags you have your eye on or if you want to chat anything Mulberry, I’m here for it all!

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