My Pregnancy Diaries Trimester 3 Part 2 : The Nursery Makeover, The Baby Shop, NCT & More.

The last of my Pregnancy vlogs that I have been filming over the last 9 months. It’s my due date TODAY (Sept 11th no lie) and I am still doing everything last minute including finishing editing up the last part of my long-ass journey!

What to expect in this vlog : the big shop, everything I bought for the incoming bambino (pssssst they are quite expensive), the big nursery makeover and overhaul, some of the baby clothes haul, NCT : how I found it, Hospital visits and baby monitoring, fanny aches and general crap.

In case you are new to my channel, and want easy-to-click links to my pregnancy vlogs : 

Trimester 1 (80% crying / 20% shock)

Trimester 2 (Midwife drama, Feeling lost)

Trimester 3 part 1 (The pram, gender reveal)

Trimester 3 part 2 (NCT, Nursery makeover, the big baby shop)

Packing My Hospital Bags

I would love your support on my channel so please drop by when you can. I will no-doubt be sharing some of my new mum horror stories and struggles and aim to be relatable, un-edited and *hopefully* down-to-earth. I will still be doing lots of fun makeup looks, reviews and the norm too. *not becoming a mum blogger*

In the meantime, I am going to settle down this evening and start the big waiting game. I’m sat here typing this on my due date and was *kinda* hoping it would all go into motion today….I know it’s unlikely but I am just feeling SO READY for this to happen / be over right now. Hopefully I won’t go too far over my due date as I’ve had enough of wobbling about, trying to sleep, fanny aches and wondering where I will be when my waters break.

See you on the other side!