NEW Nudies : Bareminerals Gen Nude Patent Lip Laquers

I’ve picked my top 5 nudes from the new Bareminerals Gen Nude Patent Lip Laquer range and I am so glad that a brand has focused on JUST nude shades….but for ALL skin tones. Everyone will find their perfect nude lip colour from this range of 9 shades.

This is a brand new formula from Bareminerals and something I think we will be seeing A LOT of this season : a wearable, high shine liquid lipstick / laquer that has a great hint of pigment, coverage and hydration. They apply like a lipgloss but stay more like a lipstick.

I still think the matte lip trend will still be around, I mean we pretty much have ALLLL the mattes now after the last 3 years of it being a huge trend, and yes they stay on and can look insanely show-stopping *but* we all know they can really dry out the lips and for winter…..I am happy to be opting for a more hydrating and lip-loving formula.

Nude tones are more complex than what a lot of people think. It’s the ONE colour that I now so many people to struggle with : that perfect nude. Nudes have all different tones from beige, pink, peach and mauve. More often than not, you have to try a whole bunch on to work out what kind of nude is ‘you’. HINT : step away from your skin tone, whether it’s a step down or up, if you match your skin tone you will more often than not get that halloween-perfect zombie look that makes you look washed out and *possibly* ready for the grave.

Nude isn’t one size fits all.

Pale skin tones: Actually often suit a warmer nude as the contrast is pretty and it doesn’t make you look like a near-death zombie. Same lips and skin is not the most flattering look on anyone. Major & Dahling works nicely on paler skins

I’m a medium skin tone. Wearing around a MAC NC35, NARS Punjab/Barcelona, Bareminerals Light Beige 09 (original foundation) and Laura Mercier Sand. I tend to go for more pink/mauve nudies and ‘Major’ is the absolute one for me. I get so many compliments when I wear this colour ; it’s just that perfect no-lip-colour colour.

Warmer skin tones look insane with peachy nudes in my experience. A lot of my asian clients are loving ‘Squad’ and ‘Bae’ for a perfect peachy nude. When I have a holiday tan, it’s the only time I can get away with these beautiful peaches.

Darker skin tones look fab with ‘Everything’, ‘Bae’ and also look @ shade ‘Perf’ which is a rich chestnut. If colour correction is needed, opt for a lip liner first, then followed by your nude of choice. Something with a pop of plum-brown will often look beaut.

The bottom line is : TRY THEM ON. You may need to try 10 shades of nude on to find *your* shade. What it looks like in the tube, will not often translate on the lips. A shade that looks slightly dark and meh in the tube may look banging on. Don’t be afraid to try different tones to what you are used to as you may be surprised!

The Bareminerals GEN NUDE Patent Lip Laquers are out now, priced at £17 for a 3.7ml tube.