Yardley NEW Fragrance Alert! English Honeysuckle.

Yardley London honeysuckle fragrance review

Exciting news! Yardley London have recently launched a new fragrance so I wanted to introduce this to you today..say hello to the English Honeysuckle fragrance..

Yardley London have a 250 year history of perfume, fine soaps and flourishing florals inspired by English flowers and gardens. I alway think of Yardley as a very classic and affordable range, yet the quality is fantastic and the scents are fun and pretty. I think my favourite is probably Daisy and English Rose. 

They do a range of products to choose from including body sprays (just £6!), perfumes, body washes, soaps, lotions and even hand sanitiser. They have recently bought out a new scent which I wanted to chat about which is the English Honeysuckle. I don’t think I have any fragrance which focuses on this fragrant flower, and I was really intrigued to see how it would smell.

Yardley London honeysuckle fragrance review

The Yardley English Honeysuckle scent is surprisingly fresh and uplifting. I though it would be too sweet for my taste but it’s really not. It is a fresh, light fragrance with bergamot and spicy black pepper top notes, balanced with the softness of honeysuckle, blending with a delicate, floral heart of jasmine that combines base notes of moss and patchouli with heliotrope and musk.

I think this could be my new favourite Yardley London fragrance of the range. It has that floral softness but it’s not too sweet…which I think could be those notes of moss and patchouli. It’s a really nice balance and it’s very wearable. I actually love the small body fragrance for when you are just doing day-to-day things and want to smell fresh and give yourself a bit of a re-fresh. It’s a great handbag addition and it’s not as full-on as the perfume but you have a little bit of a soft scent on you all day. 

Who knew I would get back into these body fragrances 20 years on after the first time! Honestly, would recommend!

Yardley London honeysuckle fragrance review Yardley London honeysuckle fragrance review

In this range there is an Eau de Toilette 125ml (£14.99), a body mist 200ml (£6) and a body fragrance 75ml (£2.49). It’s SO very affordable and honestly, Yardley London is hands down the best quality budget fragrance brands out there. It’s grown up, yet fun and pretty. I’m a big fan!

Available from Yardley London online, Boots and The Perfume Shop.

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