Makeup Forever | 5 things to try.

So Makeup Forever has launched into Debenham’s recently and whilst some of the range was available in select makeup artist shops, it is now abundantly available to the makeup-lusting masses which is great news as this is a brand that you need in your life.

MUFE is a makeup range that has been whispered about for so many years in the UK, yearned and lusted after by many and used by a huge numbers of makeup artists for a long time (*THAT* HD foundation was a game-changer back in the day!) Now if, you haven’t hauled a$$ down there already, now is the time, to get down to your local Debenham’s to play, swatch and lust after this fantastic makeup brand.

They do a full range of products, so it can be hard to know where to start, so I suggest trying these firm favourites (along with that foundation obviously!)

Face & Body liquid makeup

Think of something similar to MAC face & body ; super fluid, almost water-like in texture that blends onto the skin seamlessly and builds to a medium coverage if desired. I am currently OBSESSED with this foundation after picking it up in the U.S ; the formula is 80% water so is so light on the skin, at the same time is is water-resistant so perfect for holidays and the warmer weather….and obviously for the body. Also great for guys.

HD High Definition pressed powder

One of the infamous products from MUFE which comes in this pressed form or the loose version. This powder has a microfinish so is totally invisible & weightless on the skin, great on all skin tones and leaves the skin perfectly finished with a hint of radiance with no powdery residue in sight. One for the makeup kit for sure.

Artist shadows

They do a great selection of colours and the quality is good, the pigment is dense and they are easy to work with. A makeup kit staple is ‘Eggshell’ which is a matte cream tone just for a simple base – think of Bobbi Brown ‘Bone’, MAC painterly…that kinda vibe. Other key shades to try are Fawn, Red Brown, Eggplant, Dark Taupe (Matte shades) Teak, Bisque, Black-Brown (Satiny), Amber, Golden (Metallic).

HD High Definition Blush

Absolutely love this blusher and this shade ‘Peachy Pink’ is the ultimate for all skin tones. The texture is a light cream with a satin finish, so a radiant flush of colour with a long wear. I like to apply this either with a stippling brush or my favourite budget cream foundation brush.

NEW Artist plexi-gloss

Again, I picked up one of these whilst shopping in Sephora (full haul coming soon on my YouTube channel) where these glosses where the newest thing to launch from MUFE. I swatched and played and immediately I could tell that these glosses were good ; highly pigmented, ultra glossy with a decent staying power; think more lip laquers. The colours are really bright, and I ended up getting the purple as this is something I don’t have anything similar too in my stash of glosses. Also has a weird but amazing applicator wand that makes application a tad addictive.

So there are my 5 things to look at from the range. Have you tried anything from MUFE yet?