Illamasqua Vanitas Rose Gold Palette | 3 Ways.


 Vanitas is the latest limited edition collection from Illamasqua which is inspired by the dark romance of the 17th century still-life painting. 

The tones and hues selected replicate those that were popular within the artworks including rose, deep purples and golds and can create both delicate and bold makeup looks…oh and the packaging is rose gold. The collection is small but select, including one eyeshadow palette and 5 lipstick shades, which I kinda like ; you are not overwhelmed with choice ,it’s concise and well-edited. The shades work really well together and the Vanitas Rose Gold Palette is gonna work on ANYONE and everyone, which is why I have shown you 3 different looks you can create with it varying from more intricate to the easy, every-day eye.

The Rose Gold Palette contains 12 shades, all of which are exhisting eyeshadows except for 2 and it has a nice balance of metallic, shimmer and matte finishes. The tones are all pretty warm, which works really well for me as these are the colours I would wear and do wear on a daily basis. Let’s get to it…


 The packaging is really pretty…well done Illamasqua for jumping on the Rose Gold bandwagon as this shit sells.we all know that. It is made from (tough) cardboard and I know it’s had some negative feedback on this as obviously it won’t be quite as hard-wearing as a typical plastic palette. I’m sitting very much on the fence with this, as it IS very slimline and compact, and slots into my makeup kit easily. It has a similar physical ‘makeup’ to Z Palettes (but actually better as Z palettes has a plastic top) which, as a makeup artist, I have use for years and they keep my shadows safe and I have not had any casualties over the hundreds of travels I have done with my kit. It ain’t gonna break your shadows or compromise them in any way, let’s get that clear.

Herein lies the problem ; This kind of cardboard will get indents and marks on it very easily so it won’t stay pretty for that long if you are travelling with it or it’s in your kit. As a consumer and paying the £44 pricetag, I can see why some people do not like it though.

The shadows are beautiful and can be worn in multiple combinations ; particular favourites of mine are Vernau, Bronx, Terra & Tango. They are of a good quality and the metallics blend insanely well and are easy to use. As for the matte eyeshadows, as with ANY matte eyeshadows, I would recommend a base to make them apply better and stop them going patchy. I am obsessed with using the ‘Terra’ (matte red) as a socket colour and blue eyes will love the shade ‘Bronx’…if you don’t fancy the whole palette, get this colour on it’s own.

Erm, I also need to add that Illamasqua….names such as ‘Fist’ & ‘Rim’ ; I see you. 

 Wow how SMUG do I look in those last couple of snaps.
Look 1 : Eyes using shades Fist, Rim, Terra & Obsidian. The lip is MAC Stone
Look 2 : Eyes using shades Tango, Bronx, Rim. The lip is Illamasqua ESP .
Look 3 : EYES using shades  Stealth, Servant, Vernau, Wolf. The Lip is this balm-stain from Revlon which is here.

The Illamasqua Rose Gold Palette is available now and costs £44. It is limited edition though so I am pretty sure this will sell out along with the gorgeous looking lippes.

What do you think of these makeup looks & which is your favourite? Do you think this palette is something you would wear?