A HUGE Makeup & Beauty Shopping Haul.

So I have been home to Jersey a couple of times in the last month and have picked up a few (a lot) of beauty items that I have been wanting to try / stock up my pro makeup kit and replacing products I already use.

Jersey is tax-free for shopping so all items are around 18% cheaper than in the UK, hence why I often do big hauls when I am back home and make the most of it.

[1] Flexibands eyelashes

I have been raving about these in twitter for a few weeks. I bought a couple of pairs when I was first over. I got another few pairs when I went back last week as I’m worried I can’t get them here in London. They are the best fake lashes I have ever tried and I absolutely LOVE them.

[2] Kerastase shampoo & conditioner

I use this usually at least once a year and really love their haircare. This is the one for weakened/ damaged hair which after trying a few of the other ranges, seems to be the best for my fine/ damaged hair. I love switching my shampoo/conditioner so never continually use any brand but this is probably one that I ALWAYS come back to and have used for around 5/6 years.

[3] Phytomer rose visage

I had a facial at the wonderful Spa Sirene when I was back home and this is one of the ranges, along with Aromatherapy Associates, they use at this spa. This is a lovely and gentle water that I have bought once before and I loved it. It’s alcohol free, and infuses your skin with light hydration, it also gets any last bits of makeup off the skin, after cleansing. I don’t use this every day but maybe 4 times a week. It’s also lovely in the morning when you just want a light refresh & cleanse on the skin.

[4] Gel moisturising gloves

I always see these in Jersey, they seem to be sold in a lot of the shops over there and a few of my Jersey friends have them, and said they are really good. I have suffered with severe dry, flaky cuticles and hands so I thought I would give them a go. I have used them a few times since I purchased them and they really are great. They have these oil-infused gel inside the gloves…but you can’t feel any oil or stickiness…..you just put them on your hands for 15-20 mins or so and when you take them off your hands feel really lovely! I think you get around 20 usages per pair of gloves, as they gel will stop working after a while.

[5] Tom Ford Neroli Portofino

This was a naughty purchase as it’s a little extravagant and I probably can’t really afford this right now….BUT I have been yearning for this for about a year, it has been on every wish list I have done on my blog (that’s like 2, not as many as I just made out) and I love it so much, I had to treat myself. Tom Ford fragrances are ridiculously expensive at £135 for just 50ml, in Jersey it was around £108 so this also persuaded me to go in for the kill, after much pondering. The first time I went back, I picked it up in the department store, then changed my mind and put it back. The second time, I was doing the same…..I just sucked it up and handed over my card.

[6] Real techniques face brush

This is another thing that has been on my wish list and on my radar for ages. I have never tried any real techniques brushes and this is the one that I liked the look of the most. I had money to spend on my boots advantage card too so I didn’t have to spend any ££ on this.

[7] Bourjois healthy mix

I have read about this so much on blogs / twitter and online. On my second trip to Jersey I accidentally packed a really dark Shu Uemura foundation, that is my holiday colour…there was no way I could wear it so wanted to try a drugstore foundation. I haven’t ever really found one on the high street that I really like, but so far, I am really liking this , plus, the colour is perfect for me. Another thing I never liked about buying foundations in chemists/ boots etc, is I always seem to come away with the wrong tone. This is really great though. Nice coverage, and doesn’t look or feel cakey on my skin. The shade I bought is 053 Light Beige.

[8] L’Oreal Lumi magique primer

I haven’t really got a primer that is an illuminator too. I have had a sample of the Laura Mercier one and this seems nice, but triple the price of this L’Oreal one so thought I would try this out first. It feels nice on the skin, and another thing I quite like it doesn’t feel over silicone-y. On the flip side, because of this, it isn’t great for refining pores like mine (open and visible). However, I am still liking this thus far and I like the glow it gives to foundation you use over the top.

[9] Jessica Phenomenon oil

Like I said just before, my cuticles and skin around my nails get really dry so this is a product I have used for years and years.

[10] Aromatherapy Associates Lip Balm

This is a great lip balm and I have had this before. I picked this up along with the Phytomer Rosewater after my facial.

[11] Benefit makeup

 I absolutely love these new glosses and the packaging is so cute. I also got a cream eyeshadow which is a beautiful warm bronze shade. I have yet to try Benefit’s cream shadows but have heard great things. These makeup items are all for me personally, not my kit! Lipgloss shades are Lollipop (bright pink) and A-lister.

[12] Laura Mercier Baked bronzer

When I saw the preview of these a few months ago I knew I had to have one. I love baked bronzers as they give such a lovely glow and radiance on the skin. This is shade 03 so quite deep but good for a medium-warm skintone…..which is me after a few layers of tan!

[13] Chanel mascara

Never tried! Review will be soon.

[14] MAC makeup

This is mainly for my kit / some for me. The three pigments, Naval blue (ltd edition), blue brown and bright fuschia are all for my kit. I also got some items from the new collection that launched on Thursday – a lipstick in ‘Sweet & Sour’, powder blush in ‘Royal sunset’ and nail polish in ‘Ke Ai’ and these are for me personally initially, then maybe to go into the kit.

LASTLY and maybe more importantly, I got ALL these bits below from MAC, which is all for my Giveaway I am launching later on today. Colours etc will all be revealed then, so be sure to check back to be in with chance to win all these gorgeous products.

I’m super excited to try some of these new products so lots of reviews and feedback will be coming soon. Any of your favourites here? If there is anything in particular you would like a more in-depth review of also let me know.