Makeup Trends That Need to Die in 2017.

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First up:  makeup is fun, it washes off. 

Do what you want with it, and wear it how YOU feel comfortable.

If you do all of the below and more, then that is fine! This is just a bit of fun and frolics and should not be taken *too* seriously. Just slightly. Especially the highlight/contour thang.

5 Makeup Trends That Need to Die in 2017.

Grubby Contour. All-over Highlight.

‘You can never wear too much highlighter’.… I for one, would disagree.

Yes the super-contoured and chiselled makeup look *may* look great for your Instagram photo but trot outside without that trowelled on face and the natural light ain’t gonna have your back like those various filters do.

I’ve seen it enough times on the tube ; Young girls with already cheekbones to die for, sculpting and contouring away so they are bordering on looking skeletal and grubby with over-done contour. If it ain’t broke, then please stop trying to fix it. If you need to define areas of your face then absolutely go for it but do not contour for the sake of a trend as it can make you look worse/ older.

Highlighter looks SO beautiful when applied with a soft touch , but piled on all over the face, it will make you look like a moon-face, exaggerate open pores and you *can* look like a bit of a hot, oily mess. Both these techniques look wonderful when applied in the CORRECT places – contour pushes areas back, highlight brings areas forward…..Let’s tone it back for 2017?!

bad makeup trends : highlight and contour mistakes : bad contouring


You already know what I mean ; those Kylie-Jenner inspired, perfect, full, often matte lips and accentuated with a finger in the lips and about 4ml of filler. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think there is anything wrong with having your lips done/ tweaked/ enhancedc, hey I did it in 2016 and you can read all about it here BUT I think the trend of having very fake looking lips is possibly pushing the idea of surgery onto young & influential instagram followers and makeup fans at a really early age. Like, no one has lips THAT perfect without the help of photoshop and fillers, let’s normalise a normal lip!

bad makeup trends instagram lips

Nose Highlight 4 days.

What is this trend? What am I seeing? Why are you dolloping on a load of highlighter on the end of your nose? I’m confused.

Don’t get me wrong, beautifully applied subtle highlighter on the tip of nose can give a wonderful lift and sharpness IF YOU NEED IT. If you are trying to give an illusion of a pointier tip and slimmer nose then lightly dust a flattering highlight tone along the bridge and tip of your nose. A big solo dollop on the end of your nose makes it look like a lighthouse beacon is simply accentuating your nose….what are you even trying to do here? Cease and desist. Step away from the brush.

highlight and contour your nose

WAY Too Much Foundation.

Ever watched a You Tube makeup video and after Step 1 of the base you think ‘yeah ok that looks nice’….then they go over with a Beauty Blender and do another 5 steps….just on the base?!

YOUR SKIN LOOKED LOVELY BEFORE THE MAKEUP WHY DO YOU HAVE 7 LAYERS ON? As a makeup artist who has been in the industry for nearly 15 years now it pains me to see people with glorious skin sponging on and slathering on so many layers of unnecessary things. Heavy, full coverage foundation will make you look older, can be unflattering and unless you get that colour match spot-on (80% don’t*) then it will look like a bit mask-like. But hey, if that’s your thing, then that’s your thing!

*I made that up.

how to avoid cakey foundation application

Metallic Lips.

OK I may be alone here, but I cannot jump on this 90’s trend. I REALLY do not like metallic lip finishes, maybe it is something to do with the bad experiences I had with Rimmel Heather Shimmer when I was like 15 years old, but I just think it looks really old and faddy, not in a good way. I see it on some people and it looks absolutely gorgeous, but I personally look hideous with a 90’s , metallic and in particularly *that* brown lip so I think I’m just basically jealous of all Y’all that can pull it off.

metallic lip trends for 2016 2017

What are the makeup trends that you would like to see the back of this year? Anything from the above? Or maybe you LIKE any/all of the above and you just think I’m being a petty lil’ bitc*.

I want to re-iterate that this is a bit of fun and light-hearted makeup chat. Do you!