XEN Tan Moroccan Tan

image credit : www.lookfantastic.com

I am a huge fan of XEN tan and still think it is the no.1 fake tan on the market by a long way. I have been using it for a good few years now and love the way they are constantly finding new and innovative formulas to make your tan darker, longer-lasting and easier to apply.

My favourite XEN tan is probably Dark Lotion absolute luxe which *was* I’m not sure if it still is, the darkest tan you could get on the market. It is wonderfully luxurious and rich and has such a beautifully buttery feel. The tan you get is unreal, very natural and I have had no problems with streaking. Another huge plus point about XEN tan products is that not only do they not smell like the dreaded tanning biscuit smoulder when developing , they actual smell like vanilla & caramel and all things nice.

Moroccan Tan

The newer Moroccan Tan is infused with Argan oil and I think is probably as dark, as the absolute luxe…so a really deep tan. The smell is like a tropical beach and coconuts, I love it! A real holiday/ beachy scent that makes you immediately want to be anywhere…..but here. The ‘colour guide’ (colour it makes the skin when applying) in Moroccan Tan is darker than the other tans from XEN. You will instantly look super bronzed and glowing, if applied well, you could wear this in the day t develop, unlike some tans. The texture is very different from the other xen tans, it’s more liquid gel-like, a lot lighter. When applying you really have to use the mitt, as this makes it SO much quicker and easier. Also, gives a very even and smooth fake tan finish so no streaking.

Tanning mitts are supposed to last through one bottle of fake tan, then you throw away. I make mine last at least 2 bottles but looking after my mitt. Don’t put in the washing machine/tumble dry or anything, just hand wash with some warm water and soap until the water runs clear, and leave to dry overnight. I wash mine every few full body tans.

The big selling point about Moroccan tan is that it is ultra-quick dry. No waiting about in a star fish shape, nakey in your bedroom. I would say it’s time-to-get-dressed-dry in under 3 minutes. On the photo below you can see one leg with moroccan tan and one without. It is very natural and healthy looking. This is after just one application.

This tan also lasts so much better than others I have used…a good 5-7 days. I also put it on for 2 days in a row to get a lovely deep glow on my skin. Then I didn’t re-apply for a week. The below photo is both legs done with 2 applications, and you can see it is quite a nice deep tan.

Which XEN tan is for you?

LIGHT TANNERS: If you are naturally pale/porcelain and a tan-phone:

Transform Luxe (like a daily tan…moisturiser with a tint of tan)

MEDIUM TANNERS: Deep Bronze luxe (I think this is their best-seller)

DARK TANNERS: Mist Intense OR Dark Lotion

SUPER TANNERS!  Either Moroccan Tan or Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe. Both my absolute must-haves. If my skin is feeling dry and I have more time, I will go for the absolute luxe, in a hurry for that ‘quick-fix’ then it’s moroccan tan all that way. Dark lotion Absolute Luxe is also way more $$$ at nearly £40 a pop, so I try and eek this out for special occasions.

Tanning Tips

– Exfoliate your whole body before your tan application

– If you have dry patches or dryness around your knees /elbows than put a touch of moisturiser on these areas

– USE A MITT ! Buying my first tanning mitt changed my tanning life! It reduces the time to apply by at least half, and reduces streaks. Just get one and thank me later. They are are like £5.

– If you are active and on the go all day, opt for the night time tanning. This will ensure a better and more even development.

– Keep going until you get the colour you want. Tan for like 3 days in a row if you want, once you are your desired colour, make sure you lightly exfoliate your skin daily to stop the tan gathering in areas and going patchy.

Moroccan tan is a reasonable £24.99