Speed Tanning with He-Shi 1 Hour tan.

Waiting around in a star shape for your tan to dry so you can get dressed and then walking around all day smelling of biscuits….be gone with yer! Let me introduce a fake-tan haters new best friend, the He-Shi Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan. Normally you have to wait at least 6-8 hours for your fake tan to develop but the cleveries @ He-Shi have come up with this light liquid formula that dries in a zip and will give you a lovely golden tan in just one hour.

The tan contains unique time development accelarators which makes it work quickly and the water-like formula gives and instant golden glow on the skin for a colour guide, plus it will be dry within just two minutes so no waiting around to get dressed. You can use this on both face & body and if you require a deeper tan, then simply leave it on for longer. 1 hour will give a golden natural tan,  2 hours for a dark colour & 3-4 hours for ultra dark. As with any tan, simply shower off when your desired development time is up and get on your way.

I really like this formula as I have nothing that is like this and it works really well. I have tried leaving it on for just an hour and it gives a great colour…more than a gradual tan. Ideally I would leave it on for a few hours as I like a deep tan but it’s just a perfect product when time isn’t allowing a full 6-8hours of tan development time. Due to the liquid formula (it’s literally like water!) it must be applied with a tanning mitt, and currently He-Shi are selling the 1-hour tan with a free mitt.

Another great thing is that this tan lasts 7-10 days if you give it good upkeep in between (light exfoliation and moisturising). 

What’s your favourite fake tan? Have you tried He-Shi yet?