Pamper treats for when you are just feeling a little…shit*y.

So. It’s January, it’s a new year and we are all feeling positive, with out yearly plans and kicking ass on the regs. Well, it seems like most people are doing exactly this besides me.

I have been feeling super unwell over the last couple of weeks, that entwined with  my zero productivity rate and lack of zest for life and plans has made me a slightly more pathetic shell of myself and there’s only one thing for it : womaning the fuck up and pampering myself within an inch of my life.

Ah yes. THOSE products that you reach for when you need that ULTRA-PAMPER, for when you’ve had a hard week, everything is sore, your skin is sad and blotchy and your body simple needs nurturing and a bit of self-care.

This isn’t simply a daily routine before you go to work, this is a day-off, sunday pamper, where you are simply going to slip into your comfies afterwards and relax and let it all just soak in.

FIRST UP in my SUPER 3-step nurturing pamper : You must light a candle.

Candles not only give you that more soothing, dimmer light than the electric full beams @ home, but the flicker if the flame can be really relaxing, and possibly the most important thing for me…..the smell. I love a smelly candle and have a library of them at home which I will select and de-select depending on my mind and how I am feeling….also which room you are burning it. The current go-to is the Elemental Herbology Wood Candle : this is both revitalising and calming with scents of ginger, mandarin, Lemongrass & wood. It’s super strong and aromatic and what’s more….IT’S NOW IN THE SALE for just £15.60 (instead of £39) so get your mitts on it right here.

Next up in your route to well-ness is…Run a big’ ol’ bubble bath.

Turn the bathroom light off (no stressed out hunnies need that annoying fan whir whilst trying to Zen) and light some (more) candles. Get your favourite crime podcast* downloaded and ready to play, close the door and take a good 30 minutes to yourself. Bath soaks are super important as they can really help the way your body feels. I do love my aromatherapy oils but when my body is feeling how it is right now (hint : aching from head to toe, like when you have flu) then the only one for me is the wonderful MIO Liquid Yoga Bath Soak. This really is the mutt’s nuts when you are sore as it contains Magnesium-rich Epsom Salts, Arnica and Essential Oils that work in combination to basically be a massage in a bottle. I’m on my 5th bottle of this murky-green looking nectar and it’s worth every penny.

Whilst in aforementioned bath, get cleansing, scrubbing and loving your skin. A face mask is the hottest accessory and Mario Badecsu Flower & Tonic mask is ticking all my January blue boxes. It’s a decent all-rounder mask that both purifies and calms the skin down. Perfect for when your skin is feeling weather-ravaged, sore, bumpy and just meh-n0. It contains Kaolin to detox and purify, Evening primrose & flower extracts to sooth and calm.

*Need some recs for great crime podcasts? I have 10 right > here.

Finally.. You crawled out of the bath and managed to get to ‘dressing gown stage’ ; now to nourish and hydrate your skin.

Ok, let’s start off with the face and nothing is more soothing and calming for me than my beloved Chantecaille Flower Harmonising cream. It’s simply one of the best anti-inflammatory face creams that I have ever tried. This indulgent cream is packed with botanicals, pure plant and flower oils, rosewater & vitamins that work to restore the skin’s balance, calm down redness and restore fatigued skin. On the lips, a slick of Sisley lip balm will seal in moisture and just generally make your lips feel plump, kissable and soft.

Now onto that dry, scaly, pasty body of mine. It hasn’t seen the sun for some months and I can pretty much see-through my skin. I am first to admit, I seriously neglect my body skincare/ treatments and often skip body creams altogether to save time. For when your body is feeling particularly sad and neglected then the Tropic Whipped Body Velvet is quite literally the BEST I have in my stash. It’s an intensely rich ‘buttermelt’ that quite literally feels and applies like butter and then melts into a glorious rich, sheeny oil on your skin. It has pure and natural ingredients and just hugs your skin and makes it feel alive and gorgeous again. It contains Exotic Madagascan Rarabe Butter, Baobab Oil for hydration like you have never seen. The scent comes from Tahitian & Bourbon Vanilla extracts so this basically smells like a tropical beach holiday I kid you not. After applying, you want to just wrap up in your dressing gown and let it all soak in for 30 minutes.

Finishing up on the hands and the Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater and Pink Peppercorn is the perfect winter hand salve. Infused with pure rosewater that is soothing and anti-inflammatory, this rich hand cream hydrates and locks in moisture with Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid. Smells delicious and if you have some manicure mitts then pop these on straight after for an extra deep treat.

If this doesn’t make you feel zen AF then I’m not sure what will. Make sure you have a good half day or full day off to take your time, truly unwind, enjoy the pampering and also relax and nurture yourself afterwards. A nice warm cup of something is always welcome post-pamper for me.

Have you given yourself a self-care pamper lately? I would thoroughly recommend it to get you feeling back on track if you have fallen off.