AD | My Guide To Getting Your Best Holiday Glow.

Image Credit : Karina Carvalho

We had a teaser didn’t we? That Easter bank holiday weekend transported us Brits straight fast-forward into Summer mode. The scent of BBQ’s at 9am, obscene ques  in supermarkets from desperate-looking people stocking up on their drumsticks, coleslaw, burger baps and crates of beer, A LOT of rouged skin and *those* inevitable hotdog-leg selfies in the back garden. With this in mind, and the actual reality of summer holidays creeping upon us, I have teamed up with Simply Beach to bring you a lil’ guide of how to get into that holiday-glow-mode and get you feeling your best on the beach.

Simply Beach are a luxury online retail destination for all things swimming, holidays, hanging out on the beach, après-sun cocktails and more. They source their many brands from all over the world from the beaches of Brazil to the shores of Sydney and they have something for every woman to feel confident and comfortable. Alongside the outfits, I want to share with you a few of my beauty tips and must-haves for looking great and also being sun safe and sensible.


Now I for one, feel A LOT more ‘summer-ready’ when I have a bit of tan and glow on my skin. I’ve been into my tanning for along ol’ time and experienced many disasters and live to tell the tale. I remember when St Tropez first launched and how shocked we all were that it cost £25 for a fake tan. Fast forward now and we are inundated with various tanning products of varying prices, types and different applications. Some of the most popular at the moment in the beauty world have to be the Isle of Paradise tanning drops : customisable tan made very easy. I’m also a big fan of the Tan Luxe range and the hydrating tanning water is not only super quick to apply, traceless and scentless but it also dries in a flash so you can carry on your day as your tan develops. If fake tanning isn’t for you then instant tans can be a great option with the Bali Body Bronzing Lotion being a really easy faux-glow-quick-fix. Think of Rimmel sun shimmer but….fancier. If you want to  enhance your tan in the evenings then nothing beats the NARS Monoi Body Glow ; a luxurious oil that smells EXACTLY of holiday-in-a-bottle, and alongside the glisten of oil on your skin, it has a bronze shimmer that makes you look like an extra in a Beyonce video.

Makeup-wise there isn’t much you need beside the new Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm collection. Glowing skin from within = this entire range. In particular, the Lovegasm palette is a favourite of mine with your bronzer, blusher and all over face highlighters in once fancy-pants compact. A slick of waterproof mascara (I love the Maybelline Lash Sensational) and a spritz of your favourite summer fragrance and you are good to go.



Back in my youth, I was a horrendous sun-worshipper. As in, I literally basqued for hours, in the peak hot sun, with little else but SPF0 oil. Not cool and definitely very, very dangerous. SPF is THE most important thing to remember for these summer months and holidays so please, just keep yourself protected and get 30+ on your face. Some of the best SPF’s I have used and recommend  : the COOLA SPF50 spray which is organic, super quick and easy to spritz all over, waterproof and it dries instantly. They also do a great makeup setting spray SPF30 that not only gives you that burst of protection, but it also cools, soothes and hydrates the skin.

REN have just launched their Clean Screen Mineral SPF30 sunscreen which is lovely, lightweight and mattifying lotion for your skin, alongside a dose of antioxidants : SPF with a little bit more. This is great for sensitive skin / breakout skin. If you like a higher SPF on your face then nothing I have used beats the La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF50 lotion. It’s super lightweight, waterproof, sweat proof and DOES NOT leave you chalky-white-blue looking.

Don’t forget the lips! It’s easy to do, but I find the easiest product to use is the Lanolips tinted balm SPF30. Squeezy easy tube, a great colour selection and it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips. 


Now the part where you actually get to show off that bronzed goddess glowing skin AKA THE TERRIFYING PART. Whether you are in your back garden at home, swimming in your local pool or gym, hitting the beach on holiday or simply sunbathing and lounging, I think it makes a huge difference to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. I’m definitely a little less firm than I was a few years ago, I have a big old c-section scar and am not at my most body confident but I have found some great higher waist bikinis, swimming costumes & kaftans on Simply Beach that tick my preferences. I have found layering is the key to my summer style, plus let’s be honest, if we are going from beach > bar > pool > restaurant > beach > and back again and in whatever order, it’s good to have a few options to sling on.


I am also always partial to a nice big beach bag so I can chuck everything in and be very smug when I literally have anything one could possibly need on holiday or by the beach. A spare towel to double up as a pillow, an extra reading book just in case (kindles are a little too advanced for me), an array of SPF’s, facial spritz’s and everything else in between…shove it in the bag! 

Any new bronzing / SPF / swimwear or beachwear brand discoveries you have made lately that I need to know about? Are you going on holiday this summer? Make me jealous and tell me WHERE!

This post is made in collaboration with Swim Beach. Thoughts as always, are all my own.