NEW! PIXI +C Vit Colourtreats : Brightening No-Makeup Makeup.

PIXI +C Vit Colourtreats

*This post contains press samples*

The PIXI Vitamin C range has been gracing our shelves for quite some time now but there has just been 4 newer additions to the which are the +C Vit ‘Colourtreats’ : makeup and skincare hybrids that are designed to help brighten, enhance and enliven the skin.

I must say, I haven’t many base makeup products from PIXI: I have a wealth of their incredible skincare, a LOT of colour (eyeshadows, lipsticks, highlighters and blushers) but actually no base products, and it has been on my wish list for a while (they have these H20 Skin tints which sound incredible!). I was really intrigued to try these new products and incorporate them into my routine.

In the +C Vit Colourtreats range there is a Priming Oil, A brightening skin perfector, an under eye brightener and a Lip brightener. 

PIXI +C Vit Colourtreats


+C Vit Priming Oil (£24)

Infused with Vitamin-C, this tri-phase oil nourishes, energises and balances to prep and prime for a radiant glow. Being a makeup artist, this was one I was probably MOST intrigued about as I’ve never actually tried a priming OIL let alone a tri-phase one. It looks pretty fancy.

It contains vitamin C (natch) to brighten, turmeric to give antioxidant protection and carrot oil to nourish. You shake it up so the layers/ingredients mix together and once applied it actually absorbs really well and just leaves the skin hydrated, smooth and ready for flawless makeup application.

It has a lightweight feel to it, I was a little bit concerned it would just feel like a normal face oil and leave residue but it doesn’t. Saying that I would say this would be best for a normal-dry skin type or more combination if you love that dewy glow.

PIXI +C Vit Colourtreats Priming Oil

+C Vit Brightening Perfector (£14)

A Skincare infused complexion enhancer blurs and perfects to give skin a dewy radiant finish. The Vitamin C will work to brighten the skin, Ferulic acid gives you antioxidant protection and Liquorice evens out the skin tone.

You can use this alone for a super subtle glow and hint of cover OR under your makeup as a prep-prime. It is one of those creams that appears white and then will melt and merge into the skin when the pigments burst – so it goes to a skin tone shade like magic! Alongside the light tint, it also works to blur imperfections and brighten the skin. I really love this as I often wear similar ones (Trinny London and Erborian both do similar) and it’s perfect for no makeup days. Suitable for all skin types.

+C Vit Undereye Brightener (£16)

This Vitamin-C infused under eye perfector blurs and energises to give an instant awakening effect. It’s a refreshing treatment in a tube that restores vibrancy. Vitamin C brightens, Ferulic acid proved an antioxidant boost/ protection and Caffeine works to energise and de-puff.

Again, you can use this solo OR under your makeup as a prep. It has quite a dark tint to it that does melt into the skin but I don’t think enough that a pale skin could use it. The peachy tone works as a colour corrector to diminish dark circles and it has illuminating pigments to brighten and ease dullness. I find this works best for me underneath my concealer. The most similar product I can think that is similar to this that I have tried is the BECCA Undereye brightening corrector, although that is paler in shade. Suitable for all skin types.

PIXI +C Vit Colourtreats PIXI +C Vit Colourtreats

+C Vit Lip Brightener (£10)

Inspired by nature, this Vitamin-C infused lip balm smooths with a hint of tint and shine. It contains Vitamin C (obvs), Jojoba seed and vitamin E. The middle ‘yellow’ bit is the balm-treatment and contains Vitamin C. This is wrapped in juicy gorgeous pink pigment to give a healthy sheen to the lips. It feels weightless on the lips and the colour is very natural and would suit everyone.

I think it’s a really nice addition to the Vitamin C range and I like the fact that it’s very much all no-makeup-makeup. More to prep, enhance your look and give you that super subtle glow and shine. It’s also made me excited to try out ore of the PIXI base/foundation type products so if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them!

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