New Brand Discovery : Josie Maran.

When I was on my gloriously-amazing-but-a-distant-fond-memory honeymoon in California, I hit up Sephora….hard (Full beauty haul here). I asked a few beauty peeps some recommendations for some brands and products to get that you can’t get here and got some great ideas, but I also picked up a few bits that were from brands I had never heard of before…..Josie Maran being one. It caught my eye in Sephora as there was a huge makeup range that looked really beautiful plus skincare that sounded really good.

If you haven’t heard of Josie Maran before, she was an American model who worked in the modelling & fashion industry for 17 years and over this time worked with many top makeup artists and facialists on set….and from her experiences wanted to create great quality and non-toxic beauty products. The key ingredient to her range is Argan oil. Argan oil has so many benefits which I am sure you already know including hydration, antioxidant, repairing, soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-wrinkle & anti-redness. The argan oil used throughout the range is 100% natural, 100% organic, pure, cold pressed and of the highest quality.

This little starter pack I purchased is the ‘Argan skincare ritual set‘ ($24) and is a travel size selection of the cleansing oil, the argan oil and the daily moisturiser SPF47. Perfect to give the range a try and see how it gets on with your skin. I wish all skincare brands did trial packs like this! This is what I noticed was SO good about Sephora shopping….loads of their skincare brands do little sample sizes/miniatures and kits to purchase.

Argan Cleansing Oil. Self-heating (like!) and non-greasy, this lightweight cleansing oil will remove makeup and dirt from the skin quickly and effectively. I really like this formula as it doesn’t leave residue on the skin and removes grime super quick. Similar to the Shu Uemura cleansers if you have used them and smells AMAZING. Would 100% buy this again.

 100% Pure Argan Oil. As it says on the tin, just pure argan oil that can be used in a handful of ways on your face & body. I usually drop a bit into my moisturiser as I don’t want my skin feeling overly greasy, particularly in the day. This kind of oil is perfect straight onto the face as a night time treatment ; simply warm a few drops into your hands and smooth onto the face.

Argan Daily Moisturiser SPF47. I don’t usually use day creams which have an SPF this high as I worry that they can clog up the skin but this feels really lovely and absorbs in well with no chalky bluey residue or heavy feeling. I used a lot of this on my honeymoon travels and it’s a perfect summer daily face cream or for those who like that high protection.

All-in-all this little taster has absolutely lured me in for more Josie Maran (absolutely what it’s supposed to do). I think it’s also just a great selection to have for any weekends away, travels and holidays ; this is pretty much all I would need aside from an eye cream and an AM cleanser and would last around 2 weeks on average. For me, I would probably use the cleanser up quickly and yet the bottle of argan oil could probably see me through a good 2 months but everyone will be different.

I’m pleased to see this is also available now in the UK on QVC as I’m super keen to try some of the makeup also…especially the  infamous lip & cheeks oils and the argan foundation. This taster set is also online currently priced at £19.98 if you are interested in having a try.

Have you tried any Josie Maran before? Any recommendations?