The Best Health & Beauty Supplements (that REALLY work!)

Beauty supplements have been gaining popularity over the last few years, with different pills, drinks, shots and shakes gracing all discerning beauty outlets promising all different kinds of things. I have dipped in and out of supplements for around 8 years now with varying results so I wanted to share with you a few that I buy, use and 100% reccomend.


First up, a quick overview about supplements and pills. The cheap ones, will often have a hugely low % of absorption into your body therefore are not overly effective ; these are generally the ‘cheaper’ ones. They will have a lower amount of good actives/vitamins and will often be made up with a huge percentage of fillers, bulking agents and crap….basically. It’s worth looking at the ingredients/actives in anything you ingest, exactly how you do your skincare! High end supplements have become pretty advanced, and very clever now, and more often than not you may be scoffing at the price BUT it’s because it will be highly and effectively absorbed into the body and actually DO SOMETHING.

For Clear Skin & Acne:

You may want to look into the OSKIA Pure MSM Beauty Supplement. These are award-winning supplements are possible the most well-know and I always seem to see these featured in magazines and blogs. These caught my attention as they were recommended to me to clear my blemishes and help with breakouts…..and they really work! MSM (sulphur) boosts keratin and collagen production and supports the condition overal of your hair, skin and nails. Key ingredient MSM a is also a great anti-inflammatory and helps detox the skin cells.

The Anti-Ageing Collagen-booster:

Ingenious Beauty Ultimate Collagen + is the newest one to my table and this packs a punch and definitely delivers results. The key difference with these and other collagen supplements is that these ONLY CONTAIN 3 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS AND NOTHING ELSE! No bulking agents, no colour, no preservatives, no gelatine, no BS. They have formulated these so everything within is active, natural and effective.

The 3 ingredients include a collagen peptide to increase skin moisture and combats the signs of ageing. This peptide is delivered directly to the skin. Wonder-ingredient Hyaluronic Acid enhances the skin’s radiance, vitality & plumpness ; and this will also help the condition of your hair & nails also. Last up, is ‘Astaxanthin’ (yeah I had no idea what this was either) but this is a super potent antioxidant that also has been proven to improve a number of bodily functions. It’s 6000 x stronger than vitamin C and will also help with pigmentation, wrinkles & age spots = brighter skin! In clinical trials, 80% of users noticed significant improvements in their skin & nails.

The Mighty Omega Hit.

Fish oils are known for their benefits as they are rich in Omega 3. You would have heard of this in skincare and vitamins but what do you need it for? It’s been proven medically that is is essential for good heart function, brain function, mental health, skin function and eyes. So this is definitely one you need to get in your diet.

Omega 3 is something essential to good health but it is something out body does not produce on it’s own, we have to ingest it by diet or supplements. The best food for Omega 3 is fish, in particularly oily fish such as mackerel, sardines and salmon. *If you don’t eat fish then flaxseed is a good one to opt for!*

The Bare Biology Lion Heart fish oils have the HIGHEST amount of Omega 3 on the market & certified purity and freshness. The fish oils come from WILD (not farmed) sardine, anchovy & mackerel. Farmed fish oils aren’t as good quality and may contain high levels of metals and mercury Although cheaper, they are made in such huge quantities in factories, that when tested, the fish oil within has been putrid / ineffective and years old. Hells no.

Bare Biology Lion Heart can be taken every single day, from 12years+ and each dose contains 2000mg EPA and 1000mg DHA for those fish oil die hards out there. It comes in capsules or a liquid form so whatever your preference, I currently have the liquid which you take as 1 teaspoon per day. It tastes *ok* and is relatively pain-free. It’s simply the best and most purest you can buy, end of story.

The SuperFood Powder

Acai berries are a ‘superfood’ that are native to central and south America and have been noted as one of the world’s most potent antioxidants. Acai are also rich in vitamins A and C, minerals Calcium, Potassium, Iron & Magnesium.

The best supplement I have tried & tested for a strong Acai hit is the KIKI Health Acai Powder which is made from pure, organic, raw Acai berries that freeze-dried after harvesting to immediately capture the potency and effectiveness. As it is powder form, you simply mix 1 teaspoon per day into your juice, smoothie, or any food form. This is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten & wheat-free.

I am not taking all 4 of these at once at the moment, only because I have just run out of the Oskia MSM ; but I am taking the Collagen+, Fish Oil and Acai Powder every single day and I promise you the difference after a couple of weeks is unreal. Not just on my skin and hair (my nails….meh, they will never be good) but also how I feel, think & work.

I think it’s something that you can live without as you don’t know the benefits unless you have taken or tried out supplements, but when you do find ones that work for your body, it’s no going back. I would also say, it’s really worth spending as much as you can afford to get the best quality you can.

Do you take any supplements and/or vitamins? what has been working for you?