Fragrance Love : Shay & Blue Blood Oranges.

Shay & Blue blood oranges review

*this post contains a press sample*

I’ve tried a few scents from Shay & Blue over the years and I wanted to share with you my latest addition as it’s probably one of their signature scents and why it’s a perfect all-year-rounder. Mood uplifting, sensual, sparkling and happy.

Let’s chat Shay & Blue Blood Oranges

Firstly, if Shay & Blue is a new brand to you, let me tell you quickly about them : this brand was founded in 2012 by Dom De Vetta and perfumer Julie Massé who wanted to create unique and modern fragrances for everyone, anyone and any occasion. The scents are made with real ingredients, by hand her in the UK. Their range is vegan, cruelty free, responsibly sourced and for all genders.

I always think the bottles look super elegant with the smoky blue glass and lovely boxes that they come in : they just look and feel cheerful and I love the attention to detail : they feel really special and fun. Perfect for gifting as they do various sizes and sample boxes too so you can discover the range easily.

Shay & Blue blood oranges review Shay & Blue blood oranges review

So Blood Oranges in a nutshell: a zesty and lively blend of citrus with delicious underlying notes warming wood and leather.

Top Note: Juicy Blood Orange

Heart Note: Sensual hot napa Leather

Base Notes: sultry Musk, charred woods and Amber

The blood orange is honestly delicious, it smells so juicy and edible but those base notes take the edge of so it’s not too sweet and doesn’t run away into the typical citrus fragrances that can become uncharacteristic and a bit ‘samey’. It’s a stylish scent, it’s a little different and it unravels quickly from being fresh to something a little more moody and opulent.

I’m very much into my muskier and woodier scents. I don’t like anything overly citrus or overly sweet and this has that perfect balance and sweet spot that perfectly combines all of the above. I LOVE IT! For me, the Blood Oranges is just one of those very easy scents to wear. It’s fresh, it’s uplifting, it’s lively and happy. Perfect for everyday and all occasions. It’s also unisex and this scent is definitely one that has that lovely fresh and woody blend that a lot of guys would like too.

I feel like it’s a really good all-year-round kinda scent. You can very quickly associate oranges and citrus with summer but this has that little edge of darkness and mood that makes it perfect for these darker and coder months too. Hey, it may also give your gloomy mood and little lift too! That’s one thing I always love about fragrances, they can instantly lift your mood and take you to bette places and memories…..if only for a few seconds!

Shay & Blue blood oranges review

You can shop for the Shay & Blue fragrances RIGHT HERE. The prices are so, so reasonable with the 100ml fragrances priced at £55 and you can grab handbag sizes / samples from just £25. I’m also a big fan of the stunning Amber Rose which I know I’ll be wearing a lot throughout the winter months too.

Let me know how and if you switch up you scents seasonally? What are you wearing at the moment?