BECCA X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette | Review & Giveaway.

 Probably one of the most hyped up beauty launches of this year, and not just because of how pretty it is. The Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection has been surrounded with a touch of controversy and a a whirlwind of press due to the (very late) withdrawal from sale of the eyeshadow palette within the collection. However, all other items within the collection are dropping this week in the UK so I wanted to see what the much-coveted face palette was all about.

 Champagne Collection Face Palette 

This is a beautifully packaged and pretty special-looking face palette. It is (very) limited edition and will sell out as it already has done in the U.S. Inside the gold and white compact is 5 shades of blusher & highlight which has been made in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill, after the huge success of Champagne Pop earlier this year. The packaging is very glam with it’s chrome gold inside, and pretty white & gold exterior. It has a large mirror inside (no brushes/applicators) and the palette feels pretty heavy and luxe.

The two shades of highlight are Champagne Pop & a new/limited edition shade called ‘Prosecco Pop’. Champagne Pop is a touch more rose gold with Prosecco Pop being a more yellow-golden tone, being inspired by liquid gold. These can be worn alone or mixed together to customise your glow. The textures of these highlighters are a really soft, creamy powder with a super strong payoff….when you apply them I think the best way is with a fan brush or such so you don’t end up looking like a D.I.S.C.O ball. Open-pores be careful with application with this and any full-pigmented highlighter ; it can compromise/enhance the uneven texture of the skin.

There are 2 new shades of semi-matte mineral blusher ;  Amaretto which is a deep, toasted almond shade & Pamplemousse which is a coral pink. There is also 1 x luminous blush shade called Rose Spritz which is a super shimmery blusher, with hints of both pink and gold (think NARS orgasm on steroids). I love a glowy blusher so below I have mixed a touch of Rose Spritz with Pamplemousse with a mix of the highlighters over the top. Amaretto is a shade that I wouldn’t use normally as it’s quite brown, actually more of a bronzer for me than a blush. I can see how this will work in combination with the other shades though.

 Does it live up to the HYPE?

Actually I think it kinda does. I’m pretty quick to dismiss these ‘YouTube/ Instagrammer’s collabs with brands as often if can just be a huge money-spinner for both and perhaps formulas compromised (*cough* the eye palette), but I do really think this palette is pretty damn glorious and you can create layers of glow/colours with just this one palette. I don’t have anything similar to it (I haven’t even got the Champagne Pop) and I would absolutely reccommend it if you love glow/highlight and just are a makeup junkie in general. I think even if you have Champagne Pop this is worth investing in.

Yes, I will have dupe-able shades in my kit similar to the blushers, but I don’t have anything that similar to either of the highlighters and I just like the fact that it is all in one, easy palette. It’s a product that I would love to have in my pro kit BUT It’s actually quite bulky and heavy and it’s just a bit too pretty to sit in my kit in all honestly. This is staying firmly on my vanity table and is just for me, me and ME. Did I mention me?

Good Value?

Sizes of the x 2 blushers are 0.12oz and the luminous blush shade comes in just under at 0.10 oz (standard Becca blushers are 0.2oz £26).

The Champagne Pop & Prosecco Pop highlighters are both 0.19oz (standard size is 0.28oz £32).

The palette comes in @ £48 so that is absolutely reasonable based on the sizes and usual prices of the Becca items. In all honesty I think they could have sold this @ £60 and people would have still snapped it up.

The BECCA X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette is available exclusive to Space NK in the UK. It has already sold out on pre-order online so will just be available from Tuesday 21st June within stores only. You can call up your local store to reserve a palette, if there is any left! I would say this will sell out within days in the UK.


I have a brand new palette to Giveaway! This is in a seperate post to this review which you can find right here & you can enter from 12am Sunday.

What do you think of this collaboration? Do you think you will be trying to get hold of one of these palettes?