The Newest (& Hottest) Haircare Brand in Town : IGK Hair.

“Hairstyling for the modern generation.”

When these two ‘mottos’ appear on the website : IGK, you have my full attention. You may have fallen down the easter bunny’s rabbit hole for a month or two if you haven’t heard of the hottest new haircare brand that’s hit the shelves here in the UK : IGK Hair. If not for the pretty, insta-friendly packaging and visuals, then their innovative approach to hair styling and trend-setting should have got your beauty taste buds flowing.

IGK Hair is a team of 4 top hair stylists, from different backgrounds and cities, who have joined together with one simple vision : to create products designed to fit the lives and needs of both client and stylist. Easy solutions, streamlined products with clean formulas and pretty packaging.


…..look like members of the coolest band ever. A quick overview of the lads:

Chase Kusero. One of the most sought-after hairdresser’s in Hollywood. The man behind Jared Leto’s swoonworthy locks and *that* ombre man-bun.

Franck Izquierdo. His cutting skills are world-renowned, along with his avant-garde vision. Often found backstage at fashion weeks, creating hairstyles for designers including Lanvin, Givenchy & Marni.

Leo Izquierdo. Has a list of A-list clients longer than your Primark receipt and works predominantly for red carpet and catwalk looks.

Aaron Grenia. This New York city hairdresser attracts only the most fashion-forward clients and he has a deep passion for styling.

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Each product has it’s own unique design on the product which makes it easily recognisable, along with what stylist/city it is influenced by (NYC / LA / MIA) and of course, the easy-to-remember names.  The formulas in the entire range are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free and sulphate-free. I can also confirm that ALL the products smell fucking awesome.

I have been trying out 2 key styling products ; the Call Time Styling Primer and the Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel.  The Call Time Styling Primer is a lightweight, hydrating mist made from coconut water (yes it smells incredible). It is applied onto towel-dried hair as a primer, and it smooths the hair cuticle, adds heat protection for further styling and ensures hair is soft and manageable. It can also be used onto dry hair to add hydration and refresh styles in-between washing. The Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel is my wonder product of the moment. It is a styling balm, infused with (you guessed it) coconut oil which adds hydration, shine and no-fuss texture to the hair. it can be used pre-blow dry to protect from heat and give lightweight control. It can also be used on towel-dried hair before you air-dry > this is the way I am using it mostly, and it’s perfect if you are like me and your hair dries a little wayward and frizzy when left to dry on it’s own accord. This adds definition and more control. LOVE.

I think this is something the haircare industry has been screaming for and for the first time in many years, a new haircare range that I’ve actually been interested  in and excited to try. It ticks all my boxes : easy for the non hair-savvy, the textures and smells are appealing, it’s innovative, the packaging looks great…oh and IT WORKS.

It’s currently exclusive to Space NK in the UK and it’s available in-store and online. The prices range from £10-£31.