Mane ‘n Tail Shampoo, Conditioner + Leave-In Review.

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Hi my friends! I hope you are having a good week. I just wanted to quickly chat about the Mane n’ Tail shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner. It’s a pretty well known haircare range now and has expanded quite a bit since they first launched with their original formulas onto the market and causes quite the storm in the beauty world.

If you don’t know the backstory : Mane ‘n Tale stared off with just a shampoo and conditioner…….for horses. It quickly became a *thing* amongst the equestrian world to use them on human hair and it was leaving locks lustrous, shiny and manageable, much like their pampered show horses. Since then, the Mane n’ Tail range has expanded into haircare specifically made for use mere humans and have recently introduced vegan formulas too.

I purchased my first Mane n’ Tail product when I was in my honeymoon in America way back when (did you see my GINORMOUS $$$ American Beauty haul?! > it’s right here) and it was just the original conditioner as I had run out. I actually didn’t love it, I had such high hopes for it as it was super hyped up in the beauty world and it didn’t seem to do much for me.

However, I have recently been trying out some products from the newer Colour Protect range which is much more targeted towards my coloured, bleached, damaged hair and I wanted to share with you how I’m getting on.

Color Protect Shampoo

LOVE. I’ve literally just run out this week, which is what spurred me on to write the review. I love this and honestly will be re-purchasing. It has a really lightweight, silky texture and as my hair is freshly bleached and coloured, it needs lots of love and gentle cleansing. This is perfect. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling stripped, just really lovely and clean yet still nourished. Has a lovely scent and it lathers nicely.

This is a colour-protecting and extending formula and is also a great scalp treatment and contains proteins and essential oils to treat the hair.

Original Conditioner

I was sent the original formula conditioner that I don’t much like the first time around but I wanted to give it another go as it’s many years on and sometimes products that don’t work for you the first time around can then become winners! I did find it a little better for sure. The thing I didn’t like about it initially was it left my hair feeling a bit weighed down yet not conditioned enough. I found this time, it’s not felt weighed down but not quite enough hydration. My hair has just been bleached so I need quite a specific kind of conditioner at the moment and one that has more ooomph than this one.

I would say it would be really great on a normal hair. It can also be used a leave-in conditioner which I have tried and it seemed to be ok. I really want to try their colour conditioner as I think that would probably be perfect!

Hair Strengthener Leave-In.

Another hit for me, and I think that the colour range must be the one for me. Again, I’m bleached/damaged to am needing to give my hair lots of love and TLC at the moment. Leave in conditioners are really good anyway to give that extra burst of hydration, manageability and de-tangling. This is a great formula, doesn’t leave my hair weighed down, leaves my hair smelling great and really soft. It also gives hair heat protection and prevents snapping.

Another product I will purchase when I run out. I’ve been using it around 2 months now and I’m not even half way through the bottle.

I’m really impressed with what I’ve been trying from Mane ‘n Tail, I know the conditioner isn’t best-suited to my hair type so it’s hard for me to say how this will work on someone else. From all the rave reviews I see about it this original formula, it seems a great one for a more normal hair type, rather than my bleached hot-mess.

I also think the prices are super reasonable, I assumed this haircare would be more in the £12 plus region but the shampoo is £6.99 and the conditioner is £5.99.

Have you tried Mane ‘n Tail haircare yet? What are your thoughts?

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