La Prairie [ Eye & Lip Contour cream ]

La Prairie is a total luxury skincare brand and not something I had used for years (a long time ago I had their amazing foundation & concealer). I am certainly not getting any younger and I have completely accepted all my skincare I use should now be at least anti-ageing and firming. Hey people, from the age of 25 years old your skin cell turnover decrease so really at this point you should be into your ‘anti-ageing’ regimes. People get horrified when this is mentioned to younger people but ‘anti-ageing’ doesn’t mean you are all of a sudden old and wrinkly it’s ANTI-ageing aka a preventative.

I was fortunate enough to be sent some of the brand new La Prairie eye & lip contour cream* to try (hint taken guys), and thus far, I think it is absolutely brilliant : One of the best eye creams I have honestly ever used.

It has a cocktail of super potent anti-ageing and firming ingredients, including the signature La Prairie ‘Cellualar Complex’ (an exclusive blend that is in ALL the La Prairie skincare), an amino acid complex (**) that fills and plumps lines immediately, reduces dark circles & puffiness and over time improves all these eye area sins. It also contains small amounts of natural fruit AHA’s which gently exfoliate and enhance cell turnover and liquorice root for brightening. Olive fruit extract provides the all-important antioxidant protection and a handful of hydrating ingredients including ones of my favourites….hyaluronic acid. So through this blend of ingredients it will give you both instant gratification and long-term results. High Five.

[(**) What are amino acids? = Amino acids supply nutrients to nourish the skin, strengthening connective tissue and keeps the skin smooth and firm. They are the building blocks of protein and we produce them within the body but they can also be ingested.]

Why do I need a separate eye cream and face cream?

The two areas on the face where wrinkles and lines develop first are the eye and lip area. Not only do these areas have thinner skin than the rest of the face, but we also are constantly using both of these areas constantly via expressions, talking etc. Due to the skin being thinner and more delicate in these areas also, they are prone to rapid loss of volume and wrinkle gain as we get older.

Different skin = different cream to treat it

Why does it treat eyes and lip area?

As mentioned, these areas are both very similar in the skin type and the lines that develop, so can be treated with the same cream. Some creams, like this one, will say it is an ‘Eye & Lip’ cream, but to be honest, I would say any eye cream, you can use on the lip area also. By the way when I am saying lip area, I mean on the outside of the lips, not on the actual lips!

My Thoughts

It looks how it costs, shiny, heavy, mirror-like luxe…typical La Prairie. It comes in a 20ml tub, which is slightly more than your average 15ml eye cream size, and it also comes with a strange looking wand that is for using to apply : it helps dispense the cream evenly and provides instant cooling to the eye area at the same time, great for tired and puffy eyes! This cream can be used AM/PM and sits really well under my makeup. I am using such a tiny amount of it too that I have barely touched the sides with this tub and I have been using it for nearly 3 weeks. I think a lot of people use too much eye cream… a rice grain dot of cream is sufficient for each eye. I swear I will still be dipping into this in 6 months time.

I admittedly am a little lazy about using it around my lips but I’m really trying to use it on this area at least in the PM. Until now I have never even treated my outer lip area, so need to get into the habit. Smokers this is particulary important for you also!

This 20ml pot costs a slightly eye (no pun intended) watering £126 however, I’m thinking this will last me 6 months, using it twice a day and this isn’t actually too bad. If you are serious about an eye cream then take a look at this and others that La Prairie have to offer. Let me know your thoughts and any questions or suggestions.