At-home Microdermabrasion with PMD.

Microdermabrasion is big business nowadays. It’s a super effective treatment where teeny tiny exfoliating crystals are sprayed into the skin to remove the outer layer of skin including mainly dead skin cells. This in turn leaves you with smooth, brighter and more perfect looking skin. It can be costly with treatments starting at around £70 for one facial treatment.

I have been giving this Personal Microderm Device* (PMD) a good trial over the last few months which is basically an at-home alternative to microdermabrasion and in the long-run, A LOT cheaper. It is a small hand-held machine that mimics the treatment you have in a salon with a rotating aluminium oxide crystal disc to exfoliate away dead skin cells so results are smoother skin, promotion of cell renewal, a reduction in blemishes, improve the appearance of fine lines, more glowing skin (100%!) and it also help to de-clog the pores.

The PMD comes with a selection of different exfoliating discs of different intensities/abrasiveness, a re-usable filter, 2 caps (large & small) an instruction leaflet and a fully comprehensible how-to-DVD. I actually didn’t need the DVD as the leaflet is good enough, but I guess for those wanting to be extra pre cautious then the DVD probably gives you more in-depth info. I’m a little gung-ho for that ; STRAIGHT IN!

How to Use.

1.) Select the disc of choice. They are colour-coded so it’s easy to choose how ‘hard’ you want to go. x2 sizes : large & small depending on area you are treating. There is also a ‘training’ disc which is ultra gentle if you are feeling nervous about the first time.

2.) Select Cap of choice – it should correspond with the disc you have chosen ; small or large.

3.) Pull the skin taught over area you are treating and glide the PMD over the skin, they recommend in an upward motion. Try to only pass over one area of skin once, although twice is fine. Just DON’T keep running it over the same area, that’s when problems can start AKA red raw skin.

4.) Rinse any dead skin off your face, I used a super gentle cleanser (no acids!!) and then follow with a moisturiser to calm and soothe.

5.) Rinse out machine

6.) Allow skin to recover over a 6-7 day period and treat again.

My First Use.

As recommended, I started off with a gentle disc to begin with , I have never had microdermabrasion so I was really unsure what to expect…was it going to hurt? Was it going to leave my skin raging red? I had no idea. When you start the PMD you need to pull your face a little bit taught so it runs over the skin smoothly and does it’s job as effectively as possible , it is basically buffing your skin with the disc AND sucking/vacumming it at the same time. You can tell by the way the machine sounds and feels if you have got the motion right. It didn’t hurt at all ; yes in places it feels a little uncomfortable but I think that is expected when you are doing such an advanced treatment to your skin. It is really quick, as you are literally just running it once over your face so took under 5 minutes. My skin was left quite pink post-use and this is a normal side effect, and to be honest if your skin isn’t a little flushed and tingly ; it’s not doing it’s job! The redness subsided relatively quickly (I used a huge slather of Chantecaille Jasmine & Lily mask after every treatment) and I could carry on my normal daily routine without any fuss. My skin felt SO smooth and baby-like after the first use I couldn’t stop feeling it!

How long does the PMD last?

As long as you have a working machine! So hopefully that should be years.. You will have to replace the discs as they need replacing after around x4 uses each. You can re-purchase packs of discs for around £20. I would also say after the initial first couple of months of using it around x1/week, you can reduce the use…..a lot. I am only using this now maybe fortnightly or monthly depending on how my skin is looking.

Does it work?

Absolutely YES. Not only could I visibly see and feel the difference after just one use, but over time the comments have come from friends and even the husband (never notices sh*t!) about how good my skin is looking. It’s not only less blemish-ridden, but acne-scarring has been reduced and the ‘appearance’ of my large pores has been improved. I say appearance because pores can’t really be reduced but the appearance can. After using it for a few months, I have found myself using a lot less foundation and concealer, and most days I can literally just wear a BB cream, which is unheard of for me! My skin without makeup is quite patchy and uneven from when I suffered from acne so if you have had problems in the past and have the same issues then really consider this.

NOTE: Not for is you currently are suffering from acne!

The PMD costs £135-£150 depending on where you buy and can be purchased from Harrod’s, the PMD website, LookFantastic & various other online beauty outlets. A hefty initial price-tag but if you compare this to the price you will pay in the salon then it’s a no-brainer plus you have unlimited and customised use with this. Worth the splurge.

Have you ever had microdermabrasion?