Budget VS High End Makeup | Shimmer blocks.

The Bobbi Brown shimmer brick ‘Bronze’ was the first ‘expensive’ makeup item I think I ever owned. Back in *those* days I remember paying like £28 for it and it was a big splurge and commitment being a hard-up, pasta n’ ketchup eating University student. Fast forward to this century and I’ve never been without this product somewhere in my vicinity. It’s just the classic all-in-one blush/bronze and highlight and it’s probably the best one I have ever used. I absolutely love the shimmer bricks. The only problem I have with them has been the packaging and product can be a little delicate. I have had maybe 8 over the years and maybe 2 of them have lasted the whole distance.

The newer BB shimmer brick (BBSB) formula is a lot better than when it first came out and actually the customer service was excellent when I showed them how many had broken over the years and they replaced them really quickly, no questions. Thus far, my new shimmer bricks have been sturdy and fault-free, finger crossed.

So many brands have imitated this original BBSB and recently I got my hands on the Gorgeous Glow bronzing block* from Collection makeup that not only looks similar with it’s strips of shimmery colour, but costs a fraction, literally 1/10th of the price. It has similar bronzey tones, and has that lovely radiant finish with a touch of colour. I’m a touch aghast that on the Boots website it says you can contour with this (LOL) but that’s not the products fault so I’ll leave that there.

Pigment quality & Colour

Bobbi Brown: It has a lovely pigment payoff, the colour is warmer than the Collection one and looks so beautiful with a tan. I find with a lot of the dupes that the colour isn’t strong enough but with the BBSB I can use this as my blush/bronze and highlight.

Collection: Good quality, slightly less payoff than BB. The colour is softer, a more paler and cooler bronze/gold which may be preferable to paler skintones. For me, I use this over a blusher or bronzer as I need a bit more colour on my skin.


Bobbi Brown: Housed in a luxury and sleek black compact with mirror. Comes with a small protector foam which I keep on especially if this is to go in handbags etc. Just from my past experiences these can be prone to shattering.

Collection: Basic clear plastic packaging, no mirror which is a shame, but you are getting what you pay for and I like the fact that you can see straight through to the pretty product inside…scuse my nail marks in the pictures, totally my fault!


Bobbi Brown: £33

Collection: currently £2.99 (!) at Boots.


A very tough one for me as the huge price difference should surely make the Collection one win hands down but I just cannot allow my BBSB be defeated ; it’s simply an amazing product, one of my favourite ever, and I just cannot be without it.  However, £33 is a lot of money to be dropping on something to make your face pretty so maybe try the Collection dupe first and see how you get on with that. The BBSB is one for the pay day / birthday list or credit card splurge… I often buy mine on flights as it’s cheaper and/or you get a free Bobbi Brown brush with it more often than not.