2017 Best of Beauty : Haircare.

Today I’m talking all things HAIR in my series of Best of Beauty 2017 round-up posts. It’s been a bit of an ‘off’ year for me and my haircare, with me having a lot more misses than hits. Here are the products that have stood out for me…

Moroccanoil Hair Mask. A rich, buttery, thick mask for just when your hair needs a real boost and saviour. Perfect for dry, damaged, bleached and over-heat-styled hair. One of the best masks I have used and I reviewed it recently here.

Philip B Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo & conditioner. I must apologise in advance because these are disgustingly expensive. Repulsive almost. BUT. I bloody love them. I’ve only just started using this powerhouse duo a few weeks ago but immediately WOW what a difference to my unruly horror hair. I am currently growing out the bleach in my hair and wanted to give the ‘untouched/undyed’ roots/hair the best chance in life which is why I invested heavily for this super treat. I won’t be buying these immediately again as I didn’t win the lottery over Christmas but perhaps just a once in a long ol’ while time to really give an intensive 2-month treatment. (that’s how long I foresee this duo lasting)

Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Intense. My friend bought me this as a gift a few months ago and it’s honestly made a huge difference. 100%. As explained above, I am trying hard to nurture and grow my hair now as it has been SO damaged by the pastel-hair-bleach-days that I’m trying to give it the best chance. To be honest I haven’t been using it quite as advised, as it says to apply 20 drops which for me seems a lot so I literally just apply around 10 drops into my scalp post-wash and before styling. I really want to explore the range more after using this.

Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance. I remember using this product….what….10 years ago? It’s been around or so many years and one thing I was really on the hunt for was a good leave-in conditioner-type-product last year and I was coming up with duds. Then I spotted this in my local Boots and picked it up…and I’m loving it again. It’s a great price and it simply leaves that extra boost of hydration in my hair.

Windle & Moodle Invisible Day & Night Cream. These has been my go-to styling cream and it’s just one of those balms that you can put into your hair whenever you need a little smooth and de-frizz. It contains monoi oil which hydrates the hair and also a UV protection. Doesn’t weigh down my fine hair which is why it’s a winner.

So only a small handful of stand-out haircare products for me… this is going to be counteracted tomorrow with my post on 2017 Best of Beauty : The Makeup which I swear has around 48 products. Stay tuned for that if you like your colour.

Let me know any haircare that you find great for bleached, coloured, damaged hair like mine! I would love to hear your recommendations.