Zoeva Cool Spectrum Eye Palette : Swatches, Looks & Review.

I’ve only recently dipped my toes into the Zoeva makeup collections after being an avid user of their makeup brushes for some years. I have always found their brushes really great quality and I believe they started off just as a makeup brush brand and more recently expanding into makeup products. I was sent this eyeshadow palette a couple of months ago, so thought it would be a perfect time to crack it open and see what it’s all about.

The Zoeva Cool Spectrum Eye Palette was created by the colours of the dancing lights of the aurora spectrum in the far north : frosty taupes and greys, metallic washes, moody teals, alongside icy pinks and lilacs. On paper, this is a palette I would usually hot-foot it from in favour of my oozing coppers and warm tones so I was eager to give it a good try, create some fun looks and see if I can be comfortable out of my comfort zone.

The makeup of the palette is a hard-wearing cardboard, that snaps closes with a magnetic edge : very slimline and lightweight and these would be super handy in a professional makeup kit as they aren’t bulky at all. The downside of this kind of packaging is that if you are using it in a kit, it would probably wear quite quickly and not look ‘pretty’ for too long but I personally have no problem with that as long as the juice is good! There is no brush or mirror within which I don’t have a problem with at all : I prefer palettes without makeup brushes that I will never use anyway.

It has 15 shades and 3 finishes of eyeshadow within the palette : metallic, satin and matte. Each shade is a pressed 1.5g of product, totalling 22.5g. If we compare this so say a MAC Cool Neutral palette (x15 shadows) : these have 19.5g of product within and cost £49.40. The Zoeva palette costs £28.50.

Metallic finish : CL070  CL100  CL090  CL110  CL120  CL100

Satin finish : CL020  CL150 CL080

Matte finish : CL130  CL140  CL060  CL040  CL030  CL010

The quality of the shadows are beautiful, and AS good as everyone has told me. There is a high pigment and great formula which makes them easy to work with and blend. The matte shades are typically a touch harder to work with than the satin and metallic shades but they still are nice to work with.

The only shade I found slightly lacking in the whole palette was the matte white (CL130) which didn’t swatch too well and didn’t have enough punch when applied. The beige (CL140) looks non-existent in the swatches but it’s kinda the same tone as my arm and is actually a good shadow to use for a base wash / under the brows and to soften blending.

I have always leaned towards a warmer toned palette as coppers and warm browns tend to work on my eye colour (green/blue) a little better. However, I am stepping out of my comfort zone lately and embracing all the shades I usually wouldn’t wear on myself : I would usually avoid lilacs, icy pinks and cool taupes like the plague but after having a good play with this palette, I’m actually really liking the discovery, newness and experimentation and I’m particularly loving the teals and purples.

I spent a few hours creating some looks with this palette : all the shades below are using this palette. Let me know which one is your favourite? I’m kinda liking the simplicity of the teal smudgy winged liner.

The Zoeva Cool Spectrum Eye Palette is priced at £28.50 and is available in Selfridges, Beauty Bay, Cult Beayty and can be found online here. What do you think of this cooler tones palette? Are you a warm-toned palette hoarder like myself? 

*This post contains press samples.