New Kit Additions | Hakuhodo Brushes

 So at this year’s IMATS I had super limited time so I rushed around like a stressed, sweaty fool for half an hour and picked up a few bits that I needed….I got some of my beloved Hakuhodo brushes (standard), LIT glitters, some Lancome makeup andddddddd that’s about it. I wanted a bit more but the pro evening on Friday was way busier than normal and there was lots of Q’s and it was also a little harder to get from stand to stand with all those people and eyebrows.

I added x3 new Hakuhodo brushes to my collection. I am using these for my pro kit only, not for me personally. If you don’t know about these brushes ; let me break it down ; these brushes are possibly the best in the world, you can only purchase them online or @ trade shows, makeup artists buy these by the TON (a girl in front of me purchsed £700 worth), and they are TRULY incredible, albeit fucking pricey.

Why are they so good? They are made beautifully (in a district near Hiroshima, Japan fyi) and as you may know, the Japanese are great at a few things ; food, cleansing oils and makeup brushes.They just do SO many finishes and styles ; Styles of brushes that you have never seen before, nor thing that you would ever need……but you do. << That was my inner voice talking.  They feel next level to hold, quite literally like an artist brush and the hairs are always virgin, never cut, hence why you get that wonderful blend and smoothness. This leads to superior application/blending and easier use for the artist.  

My 3 new brushes are the J116, J212 and another ‘J’ brush that has no name on it.. imma just call it J0 for ease.  They do lots of categories of brushes… I think around 10 which are different in prices, quality and handles. The most expensive ones, and probably well-known, are the ones with the orange handles, but I always opt for the slightly less pricey ones called the ‘J series’ which I have always been really happy with.

The J116 is a really good little brush that looks somewhere in between a buffing foundation brush and blusher brush. I am going to use this for highlighting as I’m getting a little bored with my fan brushes now and this will impart a bit more product for quick glow. I think this would also be a really good foundation brush but I am currently a little too precious with it to get it all dirty and possibly stained with foundation.

The J212 is another one that I have NOTHING even similar too. It’s like a mini buffing foundation brush which I think I will use as a concealer buffing brush. You know when you have a larger area on the face to cover, such a cluster of spots or scarring? This will be perfect for this, also liquid highlighter applies wonderfully with this brush.

The J0 is like an oversized tapered blending shadow brush think of a MAC 332 then double it in size and make it softer. I’m not *quite sure* yet

what I am going to use this for, but you could use it for eye makeup blending, targeted powdering and highlighter would be the obvious choice. When I say ‘targeted powdering’ I mean things like applying secret brightening powder or ‘baking’ areas on the face with powder. 

Have you heard of Hakuhodo makeup brushes? Have you managed to try them before?