New Skincare Range From PIXI Alert! The Retinol & Jasmine Collection.

PIXI retinol and jasmine collectionThe brand new PIXI Retinol & Jasmine Collection has just landed and I’m here to tell you all about it. They did have a retinol tonic which I’ve talked about a few times already but they’ve expanded it out into an entire regime which I think you will agree, is fabulous news!

Retinol has always been hailed as one of THE best and most effective skincare ingredient, and actually regarded as one of the only ones that is in fact, anti-ageing in any form. It’s a proven-to-work ingredient, we KNOW it works and honestly, you all need a little bit of retinol love in your skincare regime.

It can be one of those things that people think immediately they may react or have adverse skin issues with as it *is* an active and effective ingredient but the redness/ peeling is a normal side-effect and also WON’T happen if you go in slow and steady and ease it into your regime. This retinol collection from PIXI could be a great starting point and addition you your regime ; gentle and effective.

PIXI retinol and jasmine collection PIXI retinol and jasmine collection PIXI retinol and jasmine collection

The Retinol range from PIXI is a great one to slip your toe into if you haven’t used retinol before or have perhaps have had bad experiences from stronger products.

The Retinol Jasmine Cleanser (£18) A cream cleanser that is enriched with Jasmine Oil , ceramides and a touch of retinol to leave the skin clean, plump and smooth. Can be used AM and/or PM. I would maybe say as a second cleanse in the PM would be good!

Retinol Tonic (from £10) I think this was the first product of the range which came out maybe around a year or so ago as I remember getting a small bottle when it first launched and really liking it. It contains time-release retinol to firm and smooth the complexion. Jasmine flower heals and soothes. Great for all skin types. AM and or PM. Alcohol free.

Retinol Jasmine Lotion (£24) A lightweight and milky lotion that helps to plump and nourish the skin. Contains retinol obviously, jasmine oil to soothe and peptides to firm. A great daytime cream and make sure you whack on your SPF over the top of at least 35.

Retinol Eye Cream (£22) I love an eye cream with retinol in it! This has been formulated to improve elasticity, smooth and protect the delicate eye area. Also contains a kick of caffeine to enliven and de-puff tired eyes.

There are 2 oils to choose from in the range, one that you may already be familiar with and a brand new one:

Jasmine Oil Blend (£26) An existing PIXI product that has been around for a while now, although I am yet to try it! This is an AM and/or PM oil that is made with an exotic cocktail of ingredients including jasmine flower extract, evening primrose, omega 6 and grape seed oil. A great all-rounder face oil for all skin types.

Overnight Retinol Oil (£26) The only product that is only for PM use. This luxurious oil-blend contains time-release retinol that will smooth and refine the skin, peptides to firm and ceramide NP to lock in the moisture.

PIXI retinol and jasmine collection

So that’s the round-up and overview of the much anticipated PIXI Retinol range. A great little selection of bits if you want to get some gentle retinol products into your routine. 

It is available now at PIXI online, who are still shipping but with some delays.

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