Pornflake Cakes : The Mint Chocolate Cornflake cake.

the ultimate lindor mint chocolate cornflake cake recipeSo my post on the Ultimate Chocolate Orange cornflake cake proved popular so I’ve gone and bettered it. YES. It was good. The chocolate orange is an immense combination, however, the MINT CHOCOLATE version is actually much, much better.

I’ve renamed my fantasy brand ‘Pornflake Cakes’ and its’ no secret that a few years ago, when endlessly making and perfecting my perfect cornflake cakes @ home, I had a small and quite silly dream about having a stall and a brand selling pimped up cornflake cakes. I still have that niggle, I mean I would have to do a lot of certifications and food hygiene things I’m sure but… never know!

Anyway, as I said in my last post, this isn’t groundbreaking or hard, it’s just the humble cornflake cake with a touch of extra ZHUZH.  I’m only sharing my recipe because people have asked and it’s easier to simply direct here rather than to have to keep writing it out.

the ultimate mint chocolate cornflake cake recipe

I N G R E D I E N T S :

Makes approx 18 servings. 10 mins to prepare. 30 minutes to cool. 457585 calories per serving.

    • 3 bars of large plain chocolate (200g size : I use x 2 milk x 1 dark – switch it up to your taste preference, plus plain branded supermarket I’ve found are best over Cadbury’s etc)
    • Cornflakes
    • Peppermint Essence
    • Mint Chocolate for decoration and pimp. I used Lindt Lindor Mint chocolate and Aero mint eggs.

M E T H O D :

1.) Crack the plain chocolate bars into pieces and place into a microwaveable bowl. Microwave for around 1.5 > 2 minutes but keep your eye on them/ You want them semi-melted and still chunks visible by the time you take them out of the microwave as the bowl will continue to melt them with the residual heat. If the melted chocolate gets too hot it can become stiff and ruin the mix!

2.) Add the peppermint essence to your taste. I found the peppermint essence to be stronger than the orange. I used 2 teaspoons.

3.) Add handfuls of cornflakes into the melted chocolate. I just keep adding and mixing until I have a really well-coated cornflake texture. The KEY is that there should be a lot of excess chocolate and it’s really gooey and dark. Almost a 1-1 ratio.

4.) Spoon the mixture into your cases OR use a baking tin like I have done if you thought you had cases and then found you didn’t. I cut small circles of baking paper for the tin to ensure they came out.

5.) Top with your mint chocolates. Push them into the mix a bit so they will set within it. For the larger lindt chocolates (as they are heavy even when cut in half) I used a dollop of melted chocolate then placed the egg onto it so it would stick better.

6.) Cool in the fridge for at least 30 mins. You will then be able to pop them out of the tin with a knife.

7.) Serve with a smug knowledge that you have the best afternoon snack with your cuppa.

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I’d love to know if you end up making these and what you think! I keep re-iterating but the key to make these the ultimate is the chocolate > cornflake ratio. These are almost like a solid chocolate bar with touches of cornflake. No pale-looking cornflakes washed lightly with weak chocolate around here my loves. I honestly think these are one of the tastiest afternoon treat/ sweet treat type things I’ve ever made! I have one more killer combination up my sleeve which will be on here and instagram in the next few weeks so keep your peepers peeled!

E N J O Y.