At Home Custom Hair Color with eSalon

eSalon is a really interesting and innovative concept that I wanted to share with you, particularly if you ever colour or have considered colouring your hair. If you colour your hair often you will know the great commitment and financial investment to maintain the colour and condition of your locks. Trips to the hairdressers, re-purchasing top-up colour and stocking up on masks & treatments is something you will do regularly and coloured hair seems to need a little more love and attention, particularly if any form of bleach or highlight is involved. 

eSalon is a really clever online concept of at-home and customised colour consultation…without having to leave your home. You simply input as much information you can about your current hair colour, your skin tone, eye colour, length etc on the online custom colour questionnaire and from this you can gain colour recommendations for you from the professional colorists & experts. The colour kit will then be custom created at their salon and will be sent in a pack to your door which will include everything you need to get a great at-home-colour.

The pack contains:

 2 bottles of hair colour (to ensure all over coverage/colour)

2 Bottles of Developer

Peronalised Instructions

Packets of Shampoo & Conditioner


Stain Guard

Applicator Brush

The quality of colour and products is the same standard as in-salon so expect a great long-lasting colour which leaves your hair in great condition. It is also easy to re-order the same colour again and tweak it slightly each time if you fancy over the seasons. It is a really good price at £18 for a one-off pack, however if you like it after trying it, it is worth signing up to the subscription plan which ends up being just £14 a box and this gets posted out whenever you schedule it (eg every 8 weeks) but you can alter this on your page if you find you need it earlier/later.

I really like the idea of having someone to look at your profile/photo and agree and recommend your hair colour for you, the service you would get in a salon, but just for a fraction of the price. The ‘one size fits all’ approach simply does not work for everyone and this is great if you have use dye boxes for years but am ready for that next step up for a slightly more personal and customised colour.

eSalon does have a policy about not doing any ‘crazy’ colouring, and they stick to more muted and natural hair tones and dyes so currently, I am not able to use the system (I am grey/lilac) FYI! I spoke with a lead colorist and she said when I am ready to go back to my brondish-ombre, they are going to help me so stay tuned. I think this is a shame BUT totally understandable as if you are using bleach, bright dyes, drastic changes…it’s something you really need to try at a proper salon.

Currently I have just been trying out some of their products which they also sell in the online shop, which have been really great & I really love the Tinted Love Colour enhancing treatment which is basically a colour-refresher/enhancer and the Get Heated Repair Thermal Protect Mist is an absolute MUST for any colour treated hair.

Have you heard of eSalon before? Is it something you would be interested in?