La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Collection | Transforming Cream SPF30

 La Prairie is world-renowned luxury swiss skincare brand that is famous for it’s innovative skincare, colour and fragrance collections. They have some new additions to their Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Range (long name much?!) which I wanted to share with you.

Every one knows La Prairie, it’s *that* brand that I would never even go near when I was a bit younger, those intimidating-looking fancy bottles and shiny silver serums appeared just too good for me (they probably were), so it was a brand that I just didn’t go near until more recent years. I think people think it’s just for older ladies because of the how renowned they are for anti-ageing technologies (and the price tags) yet if you have the budget and are serious about your skincare, then La Prairie is worth consideration for sure.

The Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal range is based around La Prairie’s Swiss Ice Crysal Complex which is all very fancy sounding but let’s break it down ; it is a combination of 2 alpine plants (found in the Swiss mountains, of course) and 1 algae. These 3 key ingredients were selected due to their ability to survive & thrive in harsh climates and La Prairie has used advanced technology to mimic their survival mechanisms into this skincare range. This will provide the skin with youth-preserving, anti-oxidant, anti-stress and anti-pollution protection. I would say the ideal age group for this range is 30+ as this range is targeted towards the first signs of ageing.

I have been lucky enough to try a few of the products for the range including the brand new Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Serum & Transforming Cream SPF30 which have literally just launched into the shops this month. I wanted to share with you my review & thoughts of the La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Transforming Cream SPF30 in particular as this is something I think is very different and unique.

 The Transforming Cream is not like anything I have ever used before and I really believe it’s innovative and in a league of it’s own. It is a BB-esque type cream, but you literally do not need any separate moisturiser or face cream with this ; it is a (highly anti-ageing) face cream within itself…..with some pigment. All other BB/CC’s/tinted moisturisers I have ever tried still sit in the *makeup* category, where you would still use your existing face cream, but this is literally your moisturiser and a tint of makeup and of course, SPF30. A lot of creams do say that they do this, but this really does!



The La Prairie Transforming Cream is an oil-free formula, which also gets a big thumbs up from me as I do have a combination skin, plus as a makeup as well, it help the pigments stay well on your skin without having to blot every hour of the day. I need to touch this up with powder perhaps twice a day and it’s good to go. It has a serum/gel-like texture so it is lightweight and sits like a second skin. If you are more on the dry/dehydrated side however, I would suggest a moistursier or perhaps a serum of some type underneath to give extra hydration. It currently comes in just 4 shades which do cover a reasonably spectrum as they have smart adaptive colour-correcting pigments, but obviously it won’t hit darker  skin tones which is a shame.

Coverage-wise it’s actually very impressive. Due to the nature of this being your actual face cream as well as coverage I was expecting it to be a very sheer coverage/veil of pigment, but even on my bad skin day when I took these snaps, it has given a really decent, yet natural, coverage on my skin. I have not used any concealer under the eyes or anywhere else on my skin here, it is JUST coverage from the Transforming cream which I think you will agree is pretty darn good?! I also have no skincare on at all, aside from a squitz of my Vichy Thermal Water which I like to prep my skin with. It comes with a mini buffing/foundation brush which is super cute and handy for touch ups and application. Due to the size it takes quite a while to use it for full-face application so I am personally using my normal foundation brush to sweep it on, and the La Prairie brush is good for building up coverage in areas, perfecting, concealing and of course, hand bag touch ups. For evenings I am sticking to a  *proper* foundation and saving this for daytime perfection as it has an SPF etc. Plus for the price tag, it seems a waste to use it for evenings also! I am wearing shade 30 Beige which is my summer shade.


The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and the iridescent multi-layered silver mirror-like is very eye-catching and reflects (& kind of needs to) that £134 price tag. You *kinda* wouldn’t expect anything less from La Prairie in terms of decadence and I may be alone, but I find the way a product looks important when we are talking luxury skincare. It’s a pump formula which not only makes it clean and easy to apply onto the face but will also keep the anti-ageing ingredients within active and stable.

So in a nutshell this is a great cream if you really want something is an all-in-1 and you just want 1 product on your face. I think for me, it something I will use when I have those rushed days, weekends away & holidays when I just want 1 product instead of 3. It’s not cheap, we know that, so I feel a little extravagant simply using this as my every day face cream, it’s a little more special than that.

Have you indulged in anything La Prairie?