The Harrod’s Beauty Lust List.

Harrods is obviously one of the most prestigious and well-known department stores in the whole world. Decadent, opulent, some might say over-the-top, and unquestionably pure luxury, it’s probably the place you head to when you want to spend half a day shopping, looking at ALL the things that are unobtainable, people-watching and getting lost in all the different, themed rooms.

Harrod’s live up to expectations in terms of their carefully edited and selections of beauty brands we know (and some we possibly don’t) and love. Alongside the ‘big brands’ : your Estee Lauder, Clinique, MAC, Dior, Lancome etc, you also have the smaller, less-well known, niche brands…..the ones that I tend to be more enticed and excited by….including By Terry, Chantecaille, SK-II, Marc Jacobs Beauty (where it’s exclusive!)  & Suqqu.

Here, I want to share with you some of my favourite and unique hand-selected beauty products that you can find within the Harrod’s Beauty Hall. If you don’t live in or near London, Harrod’s also have a fabulous at-home delivery service where you can get all these products (& more) to fufil your beauty lusting! I always think it’s worth a day out though if you can travel, or if you happen to be visiting London.

My Harrod’s Product Lust Lust.

Ok so THIS is a mascara that I have used for……maybe 15 years. Yikes. It was called Kanebo back then and now it’s known as ‘Sensai’ and I’m so glad to see that they have kept the infamous 38 Degree Mascara which is a next-level waterproof formula. Only removable with warm water at…..yes you’ve guessed it….38 degrees (or more). So it’s waterproof, sweat proof, hot weather-proof AND you don’t even need eye makeup remover to take it off. Some other brands have copied this type of formula but this is still hands down the best, hence why it is such a hot with make-up artists all around the world.

Armani Makeup is probably most famous for it’s (admittedly lovely) foundations. However the rest of the products tend to be overlooked with one of my must-haves being the the UV Master Primer SPF40. It’s a great sun shield with no white transfer and has a lovely lightweight, fluid feel.

I have already raved about the Le Marc Lip Cremes and InstaMarc contour palette here, but Marc Jacobs Beauty have quickly received a great reputation amongst beauty journalists and makeup artists alike. I am still dying to try his foundation which I consistently hear great things about *puts onto 2017  to-buy list*. My top products to try from this brand would be the lipsticks and the lip laquers for sure. Marc Jacobs beauty is still exclusive to Harrod’s FYI so if you want to try it on or have a play, you need to get yourself down to their beauty hall.

SK-II is a luxury Japanese skincare brand that seems to have been around for zillions of years but it’s just not *that* easy to get hold of.  If you get a chance to get your hand on the Facial Treatment Essence, grab it with both hands! This is their signature product and is basically a super active lotion that is packed with key ingredient Pitera that helps smooth, brighten, firm and hydrate your skin. It is packed full of vitamins, nutrients, amino acids & minerals so an absolute TREAT for the skin and should be swiped over the entire face after cleansing and toning, if you tone. Before your serums and moisturiser. FUN FACT: The key ingredient ‘Pitera’ is actually from the fermentation of making Sake – WIN.

Chantecaille is still one of my all-time favourite luxury makeup brands (their faux cils mascara is my ultimate, their future skin foundation is incred) and it is THE ONLY  ‘makeup’ brand that I would say that can actually *do* skincare …really, REALLY well ; As in the skincare is as good, if not exceeds, the actual makeup. Which I think is kind of a big deal. I have used so much of their skincare with 2 key favourites of mine being the Flower Harmonising Cream and the Fruit & Flower Acid Mask. The Fruit & Flower Acid mask is a complex treatment packed full of botanical and natural ingredients including grapefruit & papaya acids, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, narcissus, jasmine & mimosa flower waxes. In combination, these ingredients allow strong exfoliaiton/ re-surfacing of the skin whilst at the same time hydrating, soothing and toning.

Last up on my lust list is Japanese makeup & skincare brand SUQQU. I think Lisa Eldridge is mainly responsible for bringing this brand into the forefront and it’s her You Tube videos that made me first try this brand. Their translucent powders are insane and their makeup brushes, well, are some of the finest (ahem & most expensive!) in the entire world. On the more affordable side of things are the wonderful Blend Eyeshadow Quads (£40) which are super velvety, blend-able powders but also come with actual mini brushes that you can actually use rather than throw straight into the bin – hooRAH! One thing I didn’t like so much from SUQQU however is their brow inks which you can read all about here/why.

Is Harrod’s somewhere you shop or visit when you are in London? What are your favourite, if any, luxury beauty brands?