Glamglow Super-mud Clearing Treatment | Review

If you are a regular reader of my blog then you may have read my review on Glamglow youth-mud mask which I was raving about for a few weeks. I am still using it at least once a week and it is still the best red-carpet / special occasion mask I have EVER used. Now, when I got my hands on the newer of the Glamglow masks, SUPER-MUD CLEARING TREATMENT, I was obviously excited and I had high expectations.

The Super-mud clearing treatment initially seems more suited to my skin. This kaolin-based mask is for more problematic skin *open pores* breakouts* problem skin* blemishes* pimples* razor bumps * in-grown hair*……… Which is me.

It looks very similar to the Glamglow youth-mud, maybe a little darker and slightly more fluid in texture.

To use: Apply onto clean, dry skin, and leave on until it has dried which can be 5 // 10 // 15 // 20 minutes. I kept mine on for around 15-20 mins. Now this does have a light tingle initially, but nothing in my opintion  like the youth-mud mask. perhaps a little flush feeling on the skin which goes after a few minutes.

Tip: For easy, no-mess application, use a foundation brush to apply your mask. Here, I used my old (but clean!) Benefit one.

This mask has ‘pore matrix’ technology that vacuums dirt/debris/ excess oil from effected areas and as it dries you are left with darker areas which shows this. This was over my pores (yuk) and around problem areas such as my nose/chin. It actually looks quite scary when it dries but it kind of reinforced to me that this was doing something. When I removed (with a warm damp muslin cloth) my skin felt lovely and clean and looked really smooth. My pores were refined and my skin really soft. Another amazing mask from Glamglow.

I think with this one, this could be more of specific treatment, whereas the youth-mud mask is more general and for everyone.  I actually think I saw quicker improvement of my skin tone/ texture from the youth-mud mask BUT long-term, I’m sure the super-mud clearing will have better effects for my blemishes and oil production. You don’t have to use it all over as a mask either, you can use it just on problem areas, for me it would be my nose and chin OR you can literally use it directly onto blemishes as a spot treatment (overnight).

Active ingredients in the Super-Mud clearing mask:

– Glycolic Acid (improves skin texture)

– Salicylic Acid (de-clogs pores)

– Lactic Acid (helps pigmentation, moisture, collagen)

– Mandelic Acid (fine lines/ wrinkles)

– Azelaic Acid (fights bacteria / breakouts)

– K-17 Clay (balances oils)

– Licorice Root (regulates skin)

– Peppermint plant (controls bacteria & infections)

– Eucalyptus leaf (fights toxins)

– Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Marigold, Cucumber, Ivy (Calms & soothes)

An active and ingredient-packed mask full of goodies and things that I love! So, I am going to alternate these masks so I use both of them, once a week. If you want really quick red-carpet facial results, and you haven’t got blemish-prone skin I would still say the youth-mud mask is for you.

The 34g size is £39.99 and will give you around 18 face masks or countless one-off spot treatments.