Makeup Crush Monday #19 | DHC liquid eyeliner

This is one of my go-to liquid eyeliners of the moment and if you are looking for a mid-budget new eyeliner then this could also be one for you. Hello and Happy Monday to the DHC liquid eyeliner.

I have used SO many liquid liners as the feline flick is pretty much an every day staple for my look ; it makes me feel makeup ‘done’. When applied well , a liquid liner can give lashes  faux definition/fullness and give eyes lift and shape. Honestly it makes such a difference! As a makeup artist, it’s probably the most common makeup-struggle/question that I get from friends, clients and even other MUA’s ; getting that perfect eyeliner flick.

The nib is quite short and precise on the DHC eyeliner, I find this easier to use than the longer nibs, I don’t think it’s because I’m a makeup artist, I think it’s just to do with what you find easier to use and what you are used to. I just can’t get as an accurate line with a longer nib. If you can : tell me the secret! It’s also in a pen formula as opposed to a twist-up separated one (think Rimmel exaggerate) which allows quick and fuss-free application.

Once practised on yourself (rigorously), the feline flick takes seconds to perfect; you just have to remember where to draw the line, what angle, how thick and how long to make the line. Just play around and see what works for your eye shape and face shape ; everyone really is different. PRACTICE. Practice and then some more practice.

Quick Tips for the Perfect Feline Flick

All eye shapes are different ; the length, the way they are set, the crease and how it naturally folds… so you just need to tweak it and change it to suit YOU.

1.) Start your line around 3/4 of the way along the lash line, from the inner corner. Draw a thin line and gradually increase the width as you go along to the outer corner. Then stop.

2.) Flip the pen so it is facing the other way (nib pointing out) as it is easier to get a sharp line with this angle. It already has the right shape of going small to large, from outside to in.

3.) Start creating the line faintly, and increase it once you have got the angle right, and fill in. The line should go from the lower, outer corner of the eye and aim towards the end of your eyebrow. TOP TIP: Look at your lower lash line and the angle that it goes out, just imagine that keeps going and follow that line.

4.) If your line is wonky or crooked then a really great ‘cover-up’/tweaker is to just get a kohl liner and go over the top and turn it into a smudgy liner as opposed to a really neat one ; works everytime! OR THESE bad boys from DHC are an absolute life-saver and a Makeup Artist’s secret weapon for makeup mistakes.

I find the DHC eyeliner just really nice to hold, use and I always get a good flick when I am using it. Yes we all have our rusty eyeliner days but this one tends to lead the way. I also find it gives a really nice jet black finish and it isn’t one of those liners that will dry up within 0.2 days….cough By Terry. It is also a water-resistant formula so hold well on the eyes. It costs £16 which is mid-range bordering high end, but is worth a try if you are usually using MAC, Dior, Lancome, Chanel etc. It’s A LOT better than pretty much all the pricey eyeliners I have used.

Have you tried anything from DHC? I am also using their cleansing oil which I will be reviewing soon.