Makeup Removal Made Easy | DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

The DHC Deep cleansing oil is a bit of a cult cleanser from this Japanese beauty brand and it’s one I had heard a lot about before I got my mitts on it. I have used Shu Uemura for many, many years so was interested to see how it would compare. I think until quite recently (I’m talking 5 yrs+) it was see as a bit unusual to wash your face with oil, but it has become really popular as we follow in the steps of the Japanese beauties who have been practising this for decades with wondrous results on their skin. It is your cleanser, makeup remover all-in-one and perfect for a first step in a double cleanse. I will often use the DHC just as a 1-step, but it’s quite versatile and you will just gauge what works for you.

Let’s have a closer look at this iconic cleansing oil.

It’s nice and lightweight in feel, some cleansing oils can have quite a thick feel to them but this is kind of watery and fluid. It’s a relatively basic formula that hasn’t got any huge anti-ageing/brightening claims, this is simply to get rid of makeup. The main oil base is Olive Oil which is anti-oxidant rich and is generally good for all skin types. It also has a touch of rosemary oil that is nutrient-rich and good for toning the skin. It doesn’t smell of anything in particular and contains no artificial fragrance (or parabens/mineral oils/sulphates).

I like the fact it has a pump dispenser which ALL cleansing oils should come with in my opinion. This makes it so much easier and quicker to use, especially as it’s a very runny texture so you want it to go from bottle to face in the less amount of time possible. It’s VERY effective at removing all my makeup including waterproof mascara, and on the nights I have really heavy eye makeup on, I will sometimes apply some of it straight onto cotton buds before I cleanse to start breaking up the heavy eye makeup, so every little bit comes off.

I have replaced my Shu Uemura with the DHC for the last 2 bottles (this is my 2nd bottle) as I cannot notice a lot of difference between the two and DHC is a little more purse-friendly. I also have a mini travel size that I keep in my skincare bag in my pro makeup kit as it’s great for quick on-the-spot cleansing / makeup changes & also a little dab on a cotton bud erases wonky eyeliner and lips effectively!


1.) Always remember dry hands – dry face. You don’t want the cleansing oil to emulsify (go white) before you apply it to the skin.

2.) Dispense 1-2 pumps into your hands and massage all over your face so everything is covered. Gently work into the lashes to break up mascara (can be used over entire eye area).

3.) Add warm water onto the face so the product emulsifies and carry on lightly massaging and splash off any excess product, until your face is clean.

4.) I like to finish with a warm cloth to remove any residue, so my skin feels super clean and oil-free.

I think if you are needing to switch up your typical cleansing balm/oil and you like something really quick and effective, then give DHC a little try to see how it compares. It is a little cheaper than the Shu Uemura cleansing oils with very similar results in my opinion. What’s more, it currently on sale for just £18 (200ml) on the DHC website.

Have you indulged in anything DHC yet? What is the best cleansing oil you have tried?