Best in Beauty : October Round-up including REN, ELF Cosmetics, Rare Beauty, Trinny London & JVN Haircare.

best in beauty 2022


Hello and good-bye October! That was a busy month for me and it really has flown by. You can read all about my October round-up of what I got up to, life and some lifestyle chat RIGHT HERE but right now, it’s all about the best of beauty. Things I’ve been enjoying, products I’ve been repeat-using and the highlights!

I feel like this time of year there are A LOT of launches, new things and makeup limited editions coming in time for Christmas and it can be a really busy time in the beauty and makeup world. It can be a little overwhelming at times but I just try and stick to some kind of routine when in comes to skincare in particular otherwise my skin plays havoc. Makeup-wise I am always dipping in and out of everything although there are always some form staples and favourites. Let’s get stuck into my October Beauty favourites!

best in beauty 2022


Let’s start with some of the best bases that have been impressing me this month. I am on that Rare Beauty bandwagon now and recently got sent some of the Rare Beauty Positive Light tinted moisturiser to try : it’s as beautiful as the rest of the makeup I have tried and I’ll be dropping a FULL REVIEW very soon. In the meantime check out my post HERE all about Rare Beauty launching in Space NK. The L’Oreal CC C’est Magic has been doing the Tik-Tok rounds of late and I must say, I’m kinda liking this too : it’s a green cream / correcting base that reduces redness and gives a very light coverage so it’s great to use under heavier foundations if you want a full coverage OR you can wear it solo for the ‘makeup-free’ days. For a quick and natural undereye concealer, that is loaded with skincare + light-reflection, then look no further than the Chantecaille Le Camouflage Style Concealer. As with all the Chantecaille make-up, it’s very seamless and easy to use for a no makeup-makeup vibe. One of the best brightening under eye concealers.

Last up on the base front : The Elf Halo Glow liquid filter. I’ve been really impressed by this glow sheer makeup base and have chatted about it so much! It’s very similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless filer but has a little more coverage. This is a pigment + a bit go highlighter product so gives a very dewy fresh look to the skin. You can wear it under foundation or solo it’s up to you and your preference. FULL REVIEW of the ELF Halo glow liquid filter HERE.

best bases 2022

ILIA Makeup is launching into Sephora stores very soon so there’s been a bit of talk surrounding this brand at the moment and they do some gorgeous products. I have been loving the ease and quickness of the ILIA Multi Stick blush for quick and easy flush and colour that looks natural and pretty. I love shade Tenderly Light.

I have SO many blushers that I really love : like way too many. However one I’ve been picking up a lot lately as well as the ILIA (and it’s not a cream – shock, horror!) is the Ciate Marbled Light illuminating blush in shade ‘deep pink’.

Two incredible lip products to share with you (and I love wearing these in combination!) are the HUDA beauty lipliners ; super creamy, gorgeous shades and they apply so well.. and the NYX Milk gloss in shade pink . This is a cool pale pink and it’s a really lovely natural glossy lip for me. The prettiest lip combo is the HUDA muted pink lipliner with this gloss over the top = LOVE.

huda beauty lip contour lip liner trinny London makeup brushes review

TRINNY London makeup brushes! Who knew? I am maybe late to this but I didn’t know until a few weeks ago that Trinny London have launched 3 makeup brushes. These are absolutely LOVELY and they are such a good size (short handles – great for the makeup pouch/ handbag) and they are all multi-use. The quality is brilliant and I’m so very impressed with these. So far there is a Trinny London conceal / eye contour brush, a complexion brush and a blush / bronzer blush. Synthetic hair/ cruelty free.


best in skincare 2022

The colder months are rolling in and I don’t know about you, but I need a lip balm in every handbag and corner of the house to stop my lips from being chapped and peeling! I have a handful of favourite lip balms and Liz Earle Superskin Superlip balm is one of them. I’ve chatted about this a fair few times and I still have one on the go (these tubes last ages!), I think it’s now my second tube. It has a really lovely rich and nourishing feel – leaves my lips feeling instantly hydrated, protects and softened. It’s quite thick but I love this texture!

REN Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm. Ok I have to say, this could be my FAVOURITE REN skincare product and that’s really saying something! I’m coming to the end of the pot of goodness and I will be immediately replacing it as this is an absolute winter skincare MUST-HAVE. 

ren evercalm overnight recovery balm review

I got sent some of the new skincare from The Body Shop a few months ago and picked up this serum first. The Body Shop Edelweiss Serum is a beautiful serum and I’m nearing the end. Super impressed! This is a powerful antioxidant serum that hydrates and protects the skin. It’s the first time I have used any Body Shop skincare for probably over a decade and it has piqued my interest back into the brand. Can’t wait to try the other Edelsweiss bits too! They do a cleanser, eye cream, face cream as well as the serum.

I’ve loved Tropic skincare for many years now and think they do some incredible products. They recently re-branded a lot of their skincare and the Tropic Juicy Greens exfoliating toning essence was the first ‘new’ product that I have tried and I really love it. This is a brightening treat for the skin that contains kiwi and cucumber water, niacinimide, AHA’s. I think it’s a really lovely product and perfect if you want gentle exfoliation.

best in beauty 2022 aldi Laura honey bath Laura mercier

JVN Air Dry cream. Believe the hype! I was late to the JVN haircare party but I’m glad I’m on board the train. Everything I’ve tried has been great and I’m really loving the JNV Air Dry Cream in particular. You can use this on both wet-dry hair to tame and de-frizz. You can buy a smaller size to try before the big one too!

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia has been one of my go-to fragrances this month. It’s a really beautiful bouquet of Gardenia, Jasmine and Pear Blossom. I find it quite comforting and warming…it’s very pretty and feminine. Full review of the Gucci Flora HERE!

Aldi Lacura have been smashing out those launches lately :  dupes a plenty with varying levels of success. Do NOT talk to me about that bloody IT CC ‘dupe’ it was horrible. HOWEVER, the Aldi Lacura Honey Bath is pretty darn good and I will definitely be picking up another if I can ever find another. Aldi Laura things fly off those shelves FAST my friends, particularly the good things. This is supposed to be similar to the Laura Mercier Honey Bath and it’s not half bad – it’s just a nice, gourmand smelling bubble bath. Is is better than the Laura Mercier Honey Bath? HELL NO but it costs just £5.99 as opposed to £45 so it just makes sense.

So there we have a round-up of my best in beauty from October. Can you spot any of your favourites amongst this lot? I’m now delving into all things Christmas launches so can’t wait to share with you more very soon!


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