Finding my style again in my 40’s after having a baby (AD)

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It’s finally summer here in the UK and I’m embracing the balmier weather with some happy pops of colour, summer dresses and functional fashion. A lot of woman can feel a bit lost after having a baby : the healing, the lack of sleep, the days where you get nothing done except slurping down a disappointingly cold coffee, adapting and adjusting to your new life and one where you give constantly and have a lot less time for yourself. 

Finding my style again post-baby.

I have just had baby no.2, at the age of 42 yrs and I have definitely found myself in a bit of a style rut over the last year… from pregnancy to looking after a newborn and now finally getting out the other side and starting to feel a little more like ‘me’. They are called ‘mum buns’ for a reason my friends… a 3-second, messy up-do with little to no thought and not even glance in the mirror to see how it looks. We are busy, we are tired and we just want ease and fuss-free! It can be easy to slip into comfy living and lifestyle : leggings, mum buns, baggy tee’s to hide your mum tum (which is CRAZY as what a woman’s body can do and does is only to be celebrated, not hidden!) and wee can feel a little lost when it comes to dressing ourselves again and finding our ‘new’ style.

I know personally, having hit my 40’s and that has definitely made me re-think my style a bit and what works for me, my new, fuller body and also….my new lifestyle with being a slightly tired mum-of-two. I do love a bit of dopamine dressing to make myself feel joyful and comfort is a HUGE thing for me (hi, trainers) – so I’m combining comfort, a bit of colour with a slightly grown-up feel. I think.

My Summer Style Lookbook.

I have picked out a few outfits from Very clothing for Spring Summer 2024 which are giving me all the good vibes : they do so many brands, honestly I can’t quite believe (beauty too!) and you will get all of your style needs met from occasion wear, spring summer dresses, active wear and all your cosy, comfy needs.

Summer dresses and loose trousers all the way! I love love New Look at the moment for dresses as they are really affordable and have some great options in right now. I know Gok Wan would say no horizontal stripes as they aren’t flattering on a fuller figure but I love it so I’m a’ wearing it! 

Combining these outfits with a dose of my makeup and beauty favourites, and setting aside that AM and PM beauty routine time has really boosted my confidence and made me feel a lot better about myself and more confident. Makeup is fresh-looking an light with a sprinkling of faux freckles and flushing blush for an outdoorsy bronzed look. No fuss and breathable yes please!

40+ Style for Women. 

I don’t think anyone turning a certain age should immediately feel they have to minimise the way they dress, or stop wearing certain things if you still enjoy them and they make YOU feel good. For me, it has been just a natural transition where I’ve yearned more comfort, less structured style and just fallen into what I like and feel at my best : which will be different for everyone. I have found this with beauty + makeup also : I want less on my face, easier and quicker application and less worrying about it during the day. I think this comes with age perhaps as you honestly just seem to care less about what people think.

I am embracing imperfection and finding comfort again in my skin.

When it comes to finding style inspiration when you are feeling in a bit of a rut : I would recommend just getting it from anywhere and everywhere! I love people watching in the street and getting ideas, checking out what’s new in my friend’s wardrobes, and of course….having a stalk of my faves online to get ideas. I tend to seek out influence from ladies who are of a similar body shape to me as I know it will (hopefully!) suit me also.

I have ALWAYS, always been a trainer girlie. I think maybe because of my height for a start (I’m 5’10) made me opt for trainers over heels as much as I could get away with and I now have a huge collection and my obsession will never stop! I am absolutely still absolutely loving my high-top converse because they are so comfy and HOW CUTE are these lilac ones (they are HERE!) and also I’m riding that Adidas Campus steam train atm as these seem to look good with pretty much anything I wear.

Of course we have to keep it real in a more casual outfit with jeans, tee + trainers because this is totally my vibe for day-to-day things but I can tell you that I’m actually making more of an effort and even planning outfits when I get up in the morning as opposed to floordrobe shopping half asleep where I will usually just reach for those leggings and yesterday’s tee-shirt! It actually feels nice to be more organised, more ‘put together’ even if it’s still relatively casual and just a little bit more stylish, or at least in my mind.

Key Items from my Lookbook (all available from :

New Look White Star Print Lace Up Cotton-Linen Midi Dress

New Look Green Striped Belted Midi Dress

V by Very Heart Print Jersey Day Dress

Converse Women’s City Kicks High Top Trainers (lilac)

Adidas Campus 00’s Unisex (off white)

Very Ultimate Leather Biker Jacket

V by Very V Neck Chunky Cropped Cardigan (green)

V by Very High Waist Mom Jeans

New Look Stone Raffia Whip Stitch Saddle Bag

Another reason I love shopping at Very (I’ve honestly been a customer for years!) is because there is a budget to suit everyone. From their own affordable clothing to the fancy-pants designers and everything else in between. I hope you enjoyed reading about my journey on finding my style again in my 40’s and after having a baby – and maybe found a little hint of style inspo yourselves. Thanks for reading!