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currentbody laser hair removal device review before and afterThis is a collaboration with Currentbody.

Let’s talk all things laser hair removal. It’s coming into Summer and it’s not too late to be fuzz-free for that holiday if you want! I have just finished using the Currentbody Laser Hair Removal Device on my legs so I want to give you the honest lowdown, show you the results and answer any of the questions you will have about at-home laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal has been the tried and trusted technology used by beauty professionals in-clinic to achieve long lasting unwanted hair reduction. Once exclusive only to salons and clinics, this powerful technology is now available to use easily from the comfort of your own home with the Currentbody Laser Hair Removal device. This is currently THE ONLY at-home laser device and it is FDA approved , painless and super quick to use. An absolute game-changer in my opinion and I’ve tried other hair removal devices before but never had the results I wanted. 


currentbody laser hair removal device review before and after

WHY laser hair removal?

An absolute personal choice! It can be time-consuming and costly shaving and waxing constantly on different areas of the body so using a more permanent solution can save you so much time and a LOT of money! Although there is often a high upfront cost with the good at-home hair removal machines, it will give you the same results as going to a professional salon which can cost up to £2000+ for legs, bikini line and underarm hair removal. The Currentbody Laser Hair Removal is still an investment at £579 but it’s still going to save you a load on money and it’s more convenient than going to a clinic frequently and repeatedly for months.

Some people chose to do it simply for the hair removal aspect but it can also help with other things such as ingrown hairs, strawberry legs, very thick hair growth, razor burn and increased hair growth due to medical conditions.

Laser Hair Removal vs IPL Hair Removal

IPL (intensed pulsed light) is the most well-know form of at-home hair removal. Both IPL and laser technology target unwanted hair through light energy. However,  laser hair removal is proven to deliver a more powerful result, making it the clinic choice for hair removal. IPL produces a broader spectrum beam, which diffuses the light energy, reducing its effectiveness and this is what is used in other at-home hair removal systems. 

The (810nm) laser diode delivered by the CurrentBody Skin Laser Hair Removal Device is both direct and concentrated, penetrating deeper into the hair follicle to permanently disable the growth function. This more concentrated treatment delivers lasting results, with minimal need for top-up’s. You may need to go over areas just once a year.


currentbody laser hair removal device review before and after

Currentbody Laser Hair Removal Review.

The Currentbody Laser Hair Removal device is currently the ONLY at-home laser hair removal device on the market that will give permanent and full body hair removal. It is really quick, easy and most importantly safe to use. Due to the large treatment window it is also really quick to move over the treatment areas on the skin so you can treat your FULL body in just 15 minutes. A machine I used many, many years ago was about 1cm in diameter so it took about 30 minutes to treat each leg and I honestly just gave up after a few weeks. The Currentbody device takes under 10 minutes to treat both legs!

I wanted to use laser hair removal simply to save me time and the bother of shaving and/or waxing. I used to have really bad rashes and reactions to waxing so shaving has only really been my option up until now and it can be time-consuming, particularly in the summer. For me, I saw results REALLY quickly using this device, and I started to notice a very big reduction in hair growth coming into week 3. I started on level 4 (there are 6 intensity levels) and quickly moved up to 6.

A question that SO many people ask : is it painful? Honestly no. I cannot even feel anything until it’s on level 5 or 6 and even then it’s a faint tickle – different people have different pain thresholds so it may be different for you but all the reviews I have read also say this – painless and no problems / redness etc. It also has ice cooling technology to maintain low temperatures on the skin for ultimate comfort.

The device is about the same size and weight as a hairdryer and you don’t have to hold it for long periods so you won’t get the arm ache or struggle to use it correctly. 

currentbody laser hair removal device review before and after currentbody laser hair removal device review before and after

Before + After Laser Hair Removal.

This is the results from using the Currentbody Laser Hair Removal on my legs. I have used it for the designated 12 weeks and then topped up on a few areas as needed. It’s been an absolute life-changer and not having to shave every other day, particularly in the summer when my trotters are on show has been so nice. My legs look nice and smooth and I did sometimes used to get a bit dotty immediately after shaving so I never really had perfectly smooth legs but now I do and I am a fan! 

I have started to treat my under arms, bikini line and chin / upper lip and again, I’m having REALLY quick results so I will keep you updated on that. I’m not sure whether to do my arms yet but I know some people do. You can of course treat the full body all at once but I just wanted to test it on my legs first to get used to it and see how it all worked for me. 


currentbody laser hair removal device review before and after

12 Week Hair removal schedule. 

Week 1-3 : 3 times a week

Week 4-12 :  1 x week

after week 12:  once a month until you get the results you want (you may not need to use it at all past week 12)

May need a top-up once a year if there are hormonal changes or hair cycle changes. 

How to use (step-by-step guide)

1.) Shave the area to be treated (never wax!) as you want the hair to be short but you still want there to be a hair follicle to treat – Waxing removes this.

2.) Make sure the area to be treated is clean and free of oils / makeup and lotions etc. Try to use the device within 4 hours of shaving for optimum results.

3.) Plug in the device and sit somewhere comfy. Turn it on by holding the button down for 2 seconds, you will hear it beep.

4.) Select the level you want to treat yourself with – there are 6 intensity levels. I started off with a 4 and quickly moved to a 5-6 as it wasn’t painful and I wanted speedier results!

5.) Use the device over the skin in and stamp and move motion. You want the device window to stay on the skin for just a few seconds and never longer than 8 seconds. Make sure you pay attention to where you are treating so you can gauge where you stamp next and don’t miss any large patches out. This won’t be a huge problem but you will just see a bit of patchy re-growth if you consistently miss areas and may have to go back and treat at a later date.

6.) Once finished switch off the machine and unplug etc.

currentbody laser hair removal device review before and after

There is no redness or downtime after using the Currentbody laser hair removal device so you can just carry on with your day / evening routine after using.

The laser is permanent hair removal. You should see minimal hair regrowth after using it for 12 weeks if used correctly and can enjoy a fuzz free life. HOWEVER, there may be sporadic bits of hair growth if you haven’t been consistent with using it over the skin so you may need to keep your eye out and treat smaller areas if there is hair growth – this is perfectly normal and human error when using it can happen but it doesn’t mean you cannot correct it with a few more uses. Sometimes hormonal changes or hair cycle changes can trigger a tiny bit of hair growth but you can re-use the machine if this ever happens.

Currentbody Laser Hair Removal Device FAQ’s : 

What areas can I treat?

From tache to the toes! So you can use it on the face below the nose – upper, lip and chin. bikini line (do not use underneath or directly onto the vulva or anus), you can use it on the full legs, arms and underarms. Men please avoid using it on the neck and beard area as the hair is so much thicker here.

Does it work on all skin tones and hair colour?

No, not all. It will work on most skin tones and hair colour – as seen on the suitability guide below.  

How quickly does it work?

I saw a very quick reduction by week 3. Users have seen 80% hair reduction in just 4 weeks of use.

How often do you need to use it?

It’s an initial 12 week treatment. Week 1-3 you use it x 3 /week. Week 4-12 just once a week. 

You can treat all the areas in one session or do different areas on different days, whatever works for you and your routine. The higher the setting you use, the quicker you will get results. 

Does it hurt?

No. I mainly used it on setting 6 (the strongest) and barely felt a thing. Obviously everyone is different but it will never be uncomfortable or something you will fear. I even thought it wasn’t working properly at the beginning as the one I had used many years ago (IPL) I could definitely feel a lot more. You’ll be fine saweedie. There is no redness / downtime.

How do I prepare before use?

You need to just shave the area you are treating preferably on the same day you are using the laser hair removal. This ensures the quickest treatment. Do not wax! You need there to be a hair follicle to target and treat for laser hair removal to be effective. You do not need to apply any gels or lotions, make sure the skin is clean and dry before use.

Is it really safe to use?

It has lots of safety features and it is FDA approved. If the device has not been active for 10 seconds it will deactivate the laser. If it’s been idle for 10 minutes the whole device will switch off. It also uses ice cooling technology to ensure comfort on the skin at all times.

So I think we have covered everything on the Currentbody Laser Hair Removal Device. If you have any questions not covered here then please drop a comment below or DM me on Instagram @Lauraloumakeup and I will get back to you. If it’s something you have been teetering on the fence about, I can honestly 1000% recommend this device. It really works. It’s so quick and easy to use. It’s painless. It’s brilliant. 

Yet again, Currentbody are at the forefront of bringing clinic treatments into the comfort of our own home. I have spoken a lot before about my favourite devices from them as they do SO many and have discount codes that work pretty much on all of them. If you are interested in LED then check out my review of the Currentbody LED mask here

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