Maybelline Lash Sensational Firework Flaring Mascara Review.

MaybellineLash Sensational Firework Flaring mascara review.

Maybelline do mascara WELL. We know that – I’m still a fan of their original Lash Sensational which is probably my all-time favourite from them but they do so many so I wanted to review the latest mascara offering from them : the Maybelline Lash Sensational Firework Flaring mascara.

This Mascara comes in a bright pink tube, there’s no missing this on those shopping aisles! It comes in black and waterproof black at the moment and costs £12.99 (often on offer so shop around). The blurb says : ‘that it delivers 360° lash by lash impact and full flare. The brush has bristles arranged in a spiral firework pattern to ‘shoot’ lashes up and out. It has a gel based flaring formula infused with Pro-Vitamin B5. It is buildable, clump-resistant and high impact. Lashes feel conditioned, Resists smudging and up to 24hr wear.’

Review + Before / After.

Here are the all-important before and after pictures when I use the Maybelline Lash Sensational Firework Flaring Mascara. My lashes are naturally quite short and stubby and here you can see it has given my nice volume and length. Review continues below…

Maybelline Lash Sensational Firework Flaring Mascara – My Review.

I find this mascara pretty good at doing what it promises, it defintely gives my lashes more volume, curl and length. I also found it stayed on very well and didn’t smudge too much, although it is very humid in the UK at the moment so I tend to always get a little smudging if I’m wearing mascara the entire day.

I found the wand to be quite similar to the Maybelline Sky High Mascra which I don’t love! I know so many people do so this could be a selling point for you but hear me out….The bristles on the wand aren’t similar but the amount of flexibility on the wand IS similar and I don’t have too many mascara that feel like this. So when you go to apply it, it will flex and give you quite nice movement around the lashes – where as most mascaras have a stiffer wand, does that makes sense? Anyway, I prefer a stiffer wand that doesn’t flex so much as I like to really push it in the lashes and I find I can get more control this way. I felt with the Maybelline Firework AND the Maybelline Sky High that they both have this quite soft flexi wand.

I am still wearing this quite often as I think it is a good mascara, it’s just not up there with my favourites. 

I like this mascara, it’s not my favourite Maybelline one still but I think it’s decent. Mascara is very personal and people get on with different formulas, lash styles all very differently and I know some people will really love this. The thing I think with the makeup and beauty launches at the moment is that EVERYTHING is ‘the best, everything is VIRAL and everything is seemingly a ‘must-have’. All I would say is browse tik-tok etc with caution and do a little more digging to see if products may be right for you. I tend to watch something on insta / tt and then come to google for reviews like this and also sometimes You Tube also, particularly if it’s a pricier item.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my honest review of the Maybelline Lash Sensational Firework Flaring Mascara – if you like Maybelline, you can also check out my recent review on the (amazing!!) Maybelline Super 24hr Skin tint RIGHT HERE.